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  1. Default Driving tomorrow from Madison to Portland

    I usually take 1-90 and am comfortable with this route and driving in the snow. Does anyone know the best way to check the weather forecasts along this route? If it looks nasty I'll just dip down and go I-80 to I-84.

    Any advice?


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    Default The 511 Network

    It's not nationwide yet, but it works pretty well in certain places. Just dial 511 from your cell phone and you can road condition reports for the local area.

    I use NOAA Weather when I'm on the road, it's built into my CB radio, but you can weather alerts for local area 24/7. Plus, with a hand-help CB you can weather and road information from the truckers -- the problem is that there is a growing hostility between truckers and passenger vehicle drivers -- I wish it weren't so -- but it's an unfortunate reality.


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