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  1. Default Need advice- upstate NY to oakland CA

    In February I'm getting out of the army, so I'm going to be driving from fort drum NY to Oakland CA. Need advice on what I should expect weather wise. And maybe nice places to stop and see along the way. I have about 7days to make the trip. Thanks

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    Default No way of knowing.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Weather wise you should expect anything, it's far to early to predict what might be happening in February so you might be better off having a look at your options along I 80 I 70 and I 40, all of which are within 3 hours time wise. Choose points of interest along each one and choose a "winner" when you have a weather forecast nearer to the time travel.

    You have approx 6 day's of driving for 9 hours a day with time for short breaks and to fill up with gas, eat, stretch the legs etc so you won't have to much spare time for major detours but this list of places just off Interstate will give you some ideas.

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    thanks, I cant wait for February to come. Its gonna be my first long road trip.

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    If you are from Ft Drum, you will probably experience the worst weather conditions in Upstate New York during Feb. Worse case scenario you'll have near white-out conditions, black ice, slush, freezing rain etc. If you are moving all your life's posessions with you, I would recommend driving south first and then west on the I-40. Like SWDave said, it's going to take most of your time driving to Oakland; if you only have seven days, don't take the risk of losing a day to incliment weather by driving west first then south.

    Enjoy the REFRAD

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    Good advice, LT - but I-40 is going pretty far south to get to Oakland. I hear ya on I-90 between Syracuse and Toledo, that can get smashed with lake effect, as can 80/90/94 southeast of Chicago. I think this guy is going to have to check the weather and road conditions just prior to leaving and make a decision at that time. He actually might be better off from a weather standpoint heading up to Canada and coming across 401 and 402 into Michigan and taking I-69 back into civilization. If you do go through Canada you will need a passport to get back into the US.

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    Jones if you are getting out of the Army in NY & going (maybe home) to Oakland, Calif. whats the hurry? Could be a great road trip if you had more time theres lots to see and do between NY & Calif. Just Wondering

    billy bob

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