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    I am moving from Chicago to Austin TX in the first week of January. I am a bit worried about any weather problems I might encounter. I am going to be driving 2008 Civic and not hauling anything. Just basically driving a fully packed car. Any tips, words of advice?

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    Just don't get your heart set on driving on any given day and you'll be fine. For example, you certainly would not want to have been on the road over the last day or two. So you just have to build that kind of time flexibility into your plans at this point and only determine when you'll go and what roads you'll use a couple of days in advance, when you can get an accurate weather forecast for the areas you'll be driving through. For general tips on how to drive in snow, check these tips.


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    Weather permitting, you can make the drive in 2 long days - so allow 4 days just in case. Fastest route:

    I-55 to STL, go around the SE side on I-255 and I-270 to I-44. I-44 to Big Cabin OK, then US-69/US-75 to Dallas. I would probably take I-635 east to I-20 west to I-35E south to Austin, but if anyone with better local info has it, please chime in. Your halfway point would be Joplin, and there are several affordable hotels and decent restaurants at and close to Exit 8.

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