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  1. Default Mesa AZ to Seattle WA

    on 12/14th monday i will be going back home from college for winter break.

    I will be leaving Mesa AZ to Seattle WA
    my routes i am looking for is

    I10 and I5 all the way. about 1550 miles.

    I heard going pass Oregon there is snow issue there. How bad can it get around that time?

    approximately how long will it take to get there... My plan is to drive to sacremento straight and rest there and drive straight to seattle from there.

    Any suggestions?
    what should i keep in mind? tips?

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    Default Time and safety.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    My suggestion and something you should keep in mind is that trying to do this trip in 2 day's in good conditions is pushing beyond the limits we would recommend. In the winter with short daylight hours and possible weather disruption it is something you shouldn't attempt, so take an extra day to finish your last part of the journey and don't put yourself under pressure.

    With good conditions you are looking at 26 hours driving to include short stops for food, bathroom breaks, a stretch of the legs and to fill up with gas.

    Keep an eye on conditions before leaving and make adjustments if neccessary.

    Have a safe journey.

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    Default not recommended

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Sacramento is about the halfway point, but that requires 750 miles of driving each day. That's a solid 13 hours on the road each day, if you hit near perfect travel conditions and aren't slowed by traffic or weather, and really is more than we recommend especially if this is a solo trip. Its not impossible, but it is going to be very draining on your body and will push you to a limit where it will be very difficult to give your 100% focus to safely completing your trip.

    You certainly can see bad weather on this trip (not just in Oregon really starting with the mountains just north of LA), but there really is no good way to avoid it. You could detour through Utah and go up I-15/I-84/I-82, but that route is also subject to bad weather, and forces you to take some 2 lane roads through northern Arizona.

    The pacific coast highway would be about about your closest thing to a sure bet to see good weather. However, this is a very slow going route that will take you at least twice as much time as I-5, and really won't be of use for this trip.

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    Be aware of the traffic hassles trying to get through the LA area. You will have to plan your time to get through at a time of day where the traffic won't be too terrible. I'd take I-10 to I-15 north to I-210 west to I-5. You do NOT want to be anywhere near there between 5 and 10 am and 2 to 7 pm, don't forget the time zone change.

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    hope snow dont involve in this trip while going through oregon.
    What you guys think

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    As it stands right now, there are a few alerts for I-5 in southern Oregon. You may need to carry a set of chains. Keep abreast of the forecast and the conditions.

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    aw... dont even have tire chains.... i guess i need to go buy one.

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