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    I am planning on landing at LAX on a Sunday morning. I am in town for a Christmas party in Long Beach that night at 9pm. I am looking for something to do during the daytime before the party and possibly at night after. I love scenic drives and I wanted to check out PCH, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and from there I am open for suggestions on any tips or ideas. Whats the best scenic drives in southern Cali considering our time frame.
    I am traveling with my girlfriend and we are a younger couple.

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    Rodeo and Mulholland Drives would be two scenic possibilities for the day that you land. I'd make sure that you get checked into wherever you're going to be spending the night and maybe get a little rest as well if you plan to continue your activities after an evening party. Given the amount of time that it will take you to battle your way out of and back into L.A. through the Valley and Malibu, I wouldn't plan on getting too far up the PCH, and even at that to spend the much greater part of a day doing it. Other activities to consider are to let someone else do the 'driving' and take a ferry out to Catalina or some of the other Channel Islands or if you insist on being behind the wheel, the Angles Crest Highway (CA-2) across the San Gabriel Mountains north of town.

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    Default LA Neighborhoods

    Los Angeles is one of those cities that can be tricky to really explore well in a short period of time. Here's a very good overview of the various neighborhoods found in LA and some tips on exploring them.


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    the Angles Crest Highway (CA-2)
    Before doing that, check the conditions on the Caltrans website - right now it's closed due to snow.

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