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    I am driving to Mexico from Chicago in December with my husband to visit his family. We are looking for some interesting places to stop/eat/stay.

    We will be taking I57 through Illinois and I55 through Memphis, I40 through Little Rock, I30 to I35 in Texas...go through Dallas, Austin, San Antonio. We will enter Mexico at Eagle Pass/Piedras Negras.

    I have never taken this trip. Any suggestions?


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    A couple of good places to start to look for ideas are two sets of lists we have compiled, one which lists convenient and interesting short stop locations by highway and another which lists a couple of dozen attractions for each state.


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    Drive Hwy 40 to Saltillo for your first stop unless you are headed down 101 on the east coast. Saltillo is a beautiful safe city and at a comfortable altitude.

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