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  1. Default Road Trip to Alaska from Boston

    My wife, two teen daughters and I are going road trip to Alaska from Boston via Canada with a pop up camper upcoming spring(maybe march).
    We are gonna spend 6 months total.(3months from Boston to alaska and 3 Months in the continental USA to Boston)
    But I am not sure if it is worthful for a trip to drive the Canada section between Boston to Alaska.

    Are there, such as Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta, many places to see or go in the Canada section from Boston to Alaska?
    What should I see or where Should I go in this section?

    If it is not good idea to drive to Alaska, should we take an airplane?

    Any suggestion?

    Thank you for reading

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    I would take the weather into consideration. If you are leaving Boston in March, I'd stay as far south as you can touring the USA on the way up, and tour Canada on the way back.

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    Default in a pop-up?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I would tend to agree that if you are going to be doing this trip camping in a pop-up, that March is not the time I'd want to be driving up to Alaska. Since it sounds like there are going to be two parts of this trip anyway, I'd spend the spring months in the US, and then starting heading north once you get into May or June.

    As far as what to see, when you're talking about a trip that encompasses most of a continent, and two of the largest countries on earth, over half a year, there are millions of things you could see and do. You really need to take the first step to at least figuring out the major highlights, and then we can do more to help fill in the gaps.

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