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    So what do you get when you take two single women who have summers off and still get paid (we're teachers).....A ROAD TRIP!!!!!!

    So the plan is to drive to NYC and "live" as NYers for 4 weeks before heading back to Texas. We chose NYC because it seems like there's so much to do in the city alone as well as the surrounding states. Any ideas on things to see along the way, while there, and then on the drive back. Super EXCITED!

    Any ideas appreciated =)


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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    One thing that would be beneficial would be to provide some details of the types of things that you are in to experiencing - are you outdoorsy types, do you prefer the city nightlife, or maybe a mix of the two?

    Do you have four weeks in total, or four weeks, excluding the ride to and from your home?

  3. Default Texas to NYC!

    Thanks for the response....
    We are looking at 5-6 weeks total...4 weeks "stationed" in NYC and 2-3 days driving up and 2-3 driving back. We're looking at what states we'll be traveling through and trying to decide what we could do. While in NYC we plan on doing the whole city/night life thing but on the weekends travel to the surrounding states to do ball games and touring.

    We're not very oudoorsy people, at least not while on a roadtrip...that's something we do local with more friends. We definitely are night life people, which we plan on doing in NYC, but I think for the most part we'd like to see things and experience things we can take back to the classroom, etc.

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    Default if thats your plan

    If you are just planning to sprint to NYC as fast as you can (its a solid 3 day drive from eastern Texas, with full days on the road and very few little time for stops), then you could very well be better off flying to New York.

    New York is a very difficult and expensive city to own/park a car. Its quite likely that you'll be spending more than $1000 just to park for a month. With those economics and the fact that you don't really plan to do much exploring between Texas and New York, I think financially you'll be much better off flying and renting a car when you want to take a trip outside of the city.

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    Yeah, having a car in NYC is not the funnest or cheapest thing in the world. You can park on the street in many parts of the city, but you need to move it at least once a week for street sweeping (this can be a bit of an ordeal). Monthly garage parking can be $400 or more a month (that's for regular monthly customers, not daily rates which would be more), but if you are not in a prime part of NYC then a garage can be much cheaper.

    On the flipside, renting a car in NYC is also quite an expensive proposition. I usually see up to $100/day rates when I try to rent from my local Avis in Brooklyn.

    Do you have a place to stay lined up? It certainly would be more cost effective to sublet an apartment for a month than to stay at a hotel.

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    I agree with Midwest Michael on the travel aspect, having a car in NYC can be more of a burden than a bonus. If you drive for 4 weeks in NYC you will lose out on the grandeur of NYC because of the intense traffic, expensive and limited parking. You should seriously consider public transportation taxis, subway etc they are never in shortage.

    Also, a month in NYC is not going to be the cheapest road trip. If you dont have a limitation on cost you are going to have a great time. But you should consider the follow stat:

    NYC hotel average daily room rate (ADR): 2000 – $237; 2001 – $204; 2002 – $198; 2003 – $199, 2004 – $210, 2005 – $243, 2006 – $267, 2007 - $303, 2008 - $312
    Source: PKF Consulting

    I would highly recommend seeing a musical or two, especially "Jersey Boys" as a great show to see if you like broadway, and if you dont like broadway, you should still give it a chance :-) Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are always a great draw for tourist and lesson opportunities; purchase passes to these events well in advance especially for summer trips.

    Surrounding areas in the state area Adirondack Park for outdoor actvities. If you drive from TX, you can visit historically rich areas of Philidelphia, and Washington DC.

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    Wow, thank you all for your ideas and thoughts...def some to are more of our plans...please, any ideas for us to ponder are welcomed! We've never done anything like this so we're planning as best we know how and figure we'll learn the rest along the way...but this forum is def. helping!

    We're planning on subletting an apartment. We've actually found one that is located near the theater district. It's kind of centrally located and close to the public transportation system, which we def plan on using although we're driving. The apartment we're considering subletting includes "covered parking" in the price for the apartment...our thought is to drive but park it while we're in NYC and just use it for our weekend travels outside of NY.

    Thanks for the ideas on things to do while there...we def want to do a broadway show, baseball game, basketball game, tours, etc...I think we're more looking forward to seeing things in the surrounding states outside of NYC...

    PS...any thoughts on using sites like,, or

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    I've never heard of a sublet with covered parking, but that is great if it works out. I would make sure you understand exactly what that means before you sign a contract or send any money. I would assume that they are tacking a good amount of money onto the rental rate to cover the garage rate.

    The main website people in NYC use for apartment rentals/sublets is It's tough to find leases more than two months or so ahead of the time they start, but for sublets you might be able to start looking now. I don't know of any of the other sites you mentioned, but I haven't rented an apartment in over 3 years so I am a little out of the game.

    There is so much to do in NYC and the surrounding areas that I don't even know where to start, but you've hit on a lot of interesting things. Boston, Philadelphia and DC are all cities within a day's drive and worth visiting. There are various places to visit in upstate New York that are nice, the Hudson Valley, Catskills, Adirondacks, Finger Lakes to name a few. There are various beaches (for example the Hamptons, Cape Cod and the Jersey Shore) that are closeby. Baseball games, theater, museums, bars, clubs. When you go out, try to act like a local (or at least don't volunteer that you are a tourist) -- there are some people that will look to scam a few extra bucks off unsuspecting tourists here!

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    You will be able to go to baseball games without getting in your car - the NYC subway goes to both Yankee Stadium and Citi Field. I don't think you are going to find any basketball games though, wrong season.

    If you do in fact have living quarters and parking arranged in NYC, you will be way ahead of the game. The only thing I suggest is you plan on more than just 3 days to get to NYC from Texas, same for the return trip (take a different route). You mention that you want an experience you can bring back to your classrooms, you aren't going to get anything worthwhile by simply driving the Interstate highways back and forth. You claim to not be "outdoorsy" - but you can enjoy breathtaking scenery from the windows of the car, and you have an opportunity to visit all kinds of historical and educational places. There's a LOT more to this country other than just within a few hundred mile radius of NYC.

    Example - New Orleans is somewhat on the way, doesn't first hand experience looking at the long, hard rebuild from a terrible natural disaster have an educational aspect - both from a physical and social standpoint?

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