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  1. Default LA to Houston RV Trip over Christmas

    We are 2 adults and one 3 year old thinking about renting an RV over Christmas and driving from Los Angeles to Houston. Would appreciate any advise or suggestions members of this board could give:

    1) We are hoping there is no winter bad weather since we will be traveling down south. True?

    2) This will be a 6-7 day trip for us (LA to Houston and back to LA), any suggestions what cities and/or outdoor attractions we could hit on the way?

    3) Minor detours probably will be ok, but since this is only a 7 day trip, I am guessing major detours won't be possible... any advice in this regard?

    4) Is renting an RV and driving this route ok given the time of the year (late December)?

    5) Any recommendations on overnight stays at RV parks along the way?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Los Angeles to Houston is a three day drive by the shortest, most efficient route possible, especially with a three year old in tow. That leaves you all of one day, at best, in Houston. That seems like an awful lot of driving for not much reward.

    I'd also question the usefulness of an RV for such a trip. That's going to be very expensive in terms of rental cost, extra gas, and time lost to the slowness of the vehicle. RVing is more about the lifestyle they make possible than any time/dollars/ease of travel they offer. On such a whirlwind trip with little time to make use of its good points, you'll just be saddled with all its drawbacks.

    Assuring "no winter bad weather", even on the southernmost of the tans-continental Interstates is simply not possible. I-10 is subject to occasional snow or worse: freezing rain. And the road crews along most of it are ill equipped to deal with bad weather when it does occur.

    All in all, even though this is a RoadTrip site, this might be one case where I'd recommend flying. It could prove cheaper, would probably be less stressful, and would certainly give you more time at your destination.

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    I completely agree with Buck's advice, that this really doesn't make much sense for a 7 day roadtrip. Its really too far with your time frame, and certainly doing the trip in an RV seems rather pointless.

    I will also stress that it is extremely inaccurate to say that you'd be assured of good weather. In fact, as of right now, I've seen only a light dusting of snow at my house in Wisconsin, but there are portions of Houston that have seen 2-4 inches! Now, the Houston storm is a bit of an oddity, but that area does on average see one snowfall every couple of years, and Occational Snow and Ice storms are really quite typical in portions of West Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

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    Default More about the weather

    Just to add a little to what Buck and Michael have written about the possibility of bad weather in the southwest, here are some things I saved from the National Weather Service and the Texas and New Mexico DOT websites earlier this week.

    Monday Nov. 30 – Tuesday Dec. 1
    2-5 inches of snow in El Paso, a foot of snow in Van Horn, TX, and up to 20 inches in the mountains of southern New Mexico. Interstate 10 was closed briefly.

    Thursday Dec. 3 – Friday Dec. 4
    More snow in New Mexico and west Texas. Interstate 10 was closed during the night at several places in NM and TX.

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