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    Hi, i'm hoping somebody may have some suggestions for a 10 day road trip starting and finishing in Las Vegas in May 2010.

    We are coming over from the UK and have done some of California before so hoping this time to head out to the north/east/south in a loop back to Vegas.

    Interested particularly in national parks and scenery with a couple of cities chucked in for a good night out.

    Cheers in advance....

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You will find lots of variations by searching the forums but a popular outline trip from Vegas as you have laid out would be I15 North and East on 9 to Springdale and Zion NP, up through the Mount carmel tunnel to 89 and scenic 12 to Bryce canyon. Continue through Escalante untill 24 and head East again past Capitol reef towards Hanksville and North to I70 and then South on 191 to Moab where you have Arches NP and Canyonlands. South on 191 towards Bluff and 163 to Monument valley. Then to 160/89 and 64 into the East entrance of the Grand canyon South rim on Desert view drive.
    Leave by the South entrance to I 40 and head back to Vegas via Hoover dam, with a possible detour onto route 66 through Seligman to Kingman.

    There are plenty of other options but that outline would keep you on the go for the 10 day's with a bit of time around the parks. Have a look around and just ask if you have further questions.

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    That sounds great thanks Dave, taking in lots of national parks and includes monument valley which we were hoping to see.

    In terms of amount of driving involved do you think this route would be quite leisurely over 10 days? We are prepared to do quite a bit but its difficult to judge from the maps how much it would involve.

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    If this helps, here are the rough drive times between the listed points:

    LV - Zion: 3 hrs
    Zion - Bryce: 2.5 hrs
    Bryce - Capitol Reef via Scenic 12: 3.5 hrs
    Capitol Reef - Moab: 3.5 hrs
    Moab - Monument Valley: 3 hrs
    MV - GC: 4.5 hrs
    GC - LV: 5.5 hrs plus construction/security delays at the dam

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    Default Leisurely ?

    It's hard to define leisurely as we are all different, but it's certainly doable at a relaxed pace even though you won't be in one place very long. With a few detours into parks etc you will be covering something like 125 miles per day on average. These would also consist of mainly scenic drives where you will want to go at a leisurely pace and stop for the views.

    I would be looking at Zion 2 nights, Bryce 1 night, Capitol reef 1 night, Moab 2nights, Monument valley I night, Grand canyon 2 nights and back to Vegas.

    Of course there are lots of options and you should do a little research to see what suits you. If you like a slower pace you could head through Page from Bryce and opt for Lake powell and Antelope canyon on the way to Monument valley, but I really enjoyed Arches and Canyonlands [scroll down]on our last visit.

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    There are a few numbers that any RoadTrip planner should keep in mind for travel in the U.S.

    For multi-day driving trips, about 550 miles is getting to be the upper limit of what can be maintained. This allows for a sustainable pace with time for food, fuel, and bio breaks, and maybe an hour or two of short 'mental health' breaks to take short walks.

    There are several decent on-line mapping programs including Google Maps, MapQuest, and others. These will show you the best routes, mileages, etc. But there time estimates are shear fantasy. Use the above rule-of-thumb or increase the time estimates by about 20% for a more realistic idea.

    Only you can tell what's the proper mix of driving and sight seeing that suits you best, but 10 days in one of the most popular vacation destinations in the States should allow for a reasonable once over lightly.


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