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    Default Last minute trip over Christmas

    Here is the deal; It will be my mom and I going on a roughly week long road trip from Dec 22-Dec 29th. We live in Central Minnesota and are looking for a fun place to go...either south/southwest or west. Not looking for activities, just warmer weather and beautiful sites.
    We just decided this today, so ANY help would be appreciated!

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    Default Where Can You Get To?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Your question really boils down to where can you get to in a couple of days of driving. That plus a couple of days back, and a day held in reserve in the event of bad weather, leaves you a few days at your destination. I think trying to go southwest or west is not going to work so well for you. Two days would put you into the Rockies of Colorado or Wyoming. To get to El Paso, for example, would take three days and Tucson three and a half. But if you head south down the Mississippi River, you could get to the Gulf of Mexico in two and a half days. With those kinds of time frames in mind, you should see what, if any, destination appeals to you and your mom and then come back for help specific to the trip you've decided on.


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    thanks for your input. Here is what we have decided; We are going to be heading down to Texas, taking I35, with a definate stay-over in Austin. Other places around there are open...we don't like making specific plans or having a preset itinerary. My questions are:
    1. Does anyone know of some great places to stop, check out, along I35? Unique attractions, state parks, etc that are open during December is key.
    2. Does anyone know of any festivals, shopping, concerts, etc that are going on in the Austin Texes area over Christmas. I have checked out the Austin website and taken from there, but I would also like to know about things going on in other towns along the gulf,etc.

    Again, this is a nothing planned ahead, go where the wind takes us kind of thing so if there are any fun/cool/interesting/unique places in Texas or along the way that you know about I would love to hear it!

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