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    Default From San Diego to San Fran/Family of 4

    Hi! This will be our first family roadtrip up the coast. We are looking to do this as our Christmas present to each other. Would love any suggestions for places that are a must see and any recommendations for lodging. We will be renting a car and starting our trip Christmas day and returning on New Years Eve. Also, we are debating on if we should drive up to SF and fly back to SD or just drive round trip. Thanks for any and all of your help!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mookie View Post
    Hi! This will be our first family roadtrip up the coast.
    What a great and memorable Christmas present that will be.

    May I suggest that you drive DOWN the coast. When driving southward bound, the ocean and coast are on your side. There are many turnouts along this stretch of highway, especially between SF and LA, and it is much less stressful not to have to wait for oncoming traffic when turning in and out of them. This road can be quite busy.

    Lifey who loves this drive

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