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  1. Default San Fran To Las Vegas early March

    Hi all you lovely people and advisors, I used this forum last for our roadtrip about 3 years ago and everybody was full of fantastic advise....

    We are coming from england to america again and travelling from San Fransico to Las Vegas by road, so thought I'd outline what we have booked and any tips of where to go and have to visit....
    Here is the what we have booked so far:
    San Francisco 27th to 1st March pick the car up on 1st March
    Las Vegas from 9th March night to 13th March (wish to do helicoptor ride to grand canyon

    As for the rest of the trip it is pretty open the only place that is on the list is yosetime and maybe some snowboarding/skiing

    So fully open to suggestions of where we should be visiting! We are interested in the outdoors and adventrous activitys also don't mind driving hours on end, last time in america drove from boston to pei in two weeks...

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    Default Grand canyon NP.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    This is the most covered area on the forums and you will find lots of info by using the search button, but to get you started here are some of our favorites.

    With 8 days you have a few options but in case you are not aware you will not be able to get from Yosemite to Vegas by crossing the Sierra's on CA120 [Tioga pass] as it will be closed due to the winter snowfall accumulation. You can head South from Yosemite via Sequoia NP and National monument and through Death valley or you could head North to Tahoe and then South and across Death valley. A third option would be to head back to the coast and down the Pacific coast highway, only you can decide and then we can help.

    With the time available the one thing I would consider is to travel to Grand canyon South rim and stay a night or two. The helicopter won't go to the National park but to Indian lands at the West rim. I have heard it is spectacular but nothing is quite like standing on the rim and witnessing a sunset/sunrise in the National park area where you will see the views that are famously known worldwide.

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    Is Sequoia NP where there is big trees, I think the plan would be to drive that way but are open to suggestions

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    Default yes

    Yes, Sequoia is home to some of the world's biggest and oldest trees, and certainly could be done on this trip.

    However, you really need to look around here a little more. There are so many great ideas and suggestions that have already been given on this forum, you can find hundreds of ideas of you just spend a little time looking at the other threads on this forum.

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    OK heres my roadtrip plan for the two weeks,
    27/02/2009 San Francisco
    28/02/2009 San Francisco
    01/03/2009 San Francisco/Yosetime National Park
    02/03/2009 Yosetime National Park
    03/03/2009 Sequio National Park
    04/03/2009 Sequio National Park/Death Valley
    05/03/2009 Death Valley
    06/03/2009 Red Rocks /Mount Charleston Area
    07/03/2009 Lake Mead or Mojave National Park
    08/03/2009 Grand Canyon
    09/03/2009 Las Vegas
    10/03/2009 Las Vegas/Grand Canyon Helicoptor
    11/03/2009 Las Vegas
    12/03/2009 Las Vegas
    13/03/2009 Las Vegas/Flight Home

    I do not know if this is doable of over optimistic, by the look of the weather there should be some skiing and snow around, wouldn't mind trying some snow shoeing... Then not sure how hot it is going to be down in the desert but know that I need to take winter clothes and summer.

    Wouldn't mind trying some climbing or boldering as then I can take my climbing boots/chalk bag. I have read some really useful posts on this forum and thank you, it really looks like an active area to be in and want to spend enough time enjoying it. Can people look at this intenary and let me know whether I should be spreading it out a bit more! Just trying to work out what roads will be shut over this time of year so that I can plan accordinaly... Although the only accom we have booked so far is Las Vegas and San Fran, that time of year will I need to book ahead as we usually just book one night in advance on the last roadtrip we did, do not mind travelling for 5-6 hours a day.

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    Your itinerary looks fine, everything is doable and if that's the way you wish to spend your time it'll work well. The one thing I would change TBH is to spend another night at Grand canyon and perhaps visit Lake Mead/Red rocks as a day trip from Vegas. With your travel times included it should give you a full day there and a morning before heading back to Vegas

    Layered clothing is the way to go with a couple of warm tops/coats for colder weather.

    I would have thought you will be OK not to book lodgings and leave yourself open to adjustments. You will be OK going around the Southern end of the Sierra's via Bakersfield but as mentioned before, you won't be able to drive across them. Your main routing will be fine but nobody can predict the weather in the parks this far in advance.

    I would highly recommend an Alcatraz tour while in SF.

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    I will create a full trip report on my return, we are planning on doing the evening alcatraz tour as I have looked into lots of good reviews on this.

    Plan is to have either snowboarding or ski lessons before we leave and then we can enjoy the skiing/sights, was thinking Lake mead or something from grand caynon....

    We are picking the hire car up from Downtown san fran late afternoon, so we could have a extra day before arriving in Las Vegas. Have been told there is a lot of bargains available at Las Vegas at the moment, we are staying in Paris hotel.

    Does anybody know how hard cross country skiing is. The advice on other pages seem good as well, and just half way through reading the lonely planet guide to California.

    Also considering the segway tour in San Fran, anybody done this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nkg View Post
    Does anybody know how hard cross country skiing is.

    I take it you are very fit, and have ample time between now and then to master it.

    Lifey who never really got the hang of it

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