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    Default NY to LA road trip


    Me and 4/5 friends are planning a trip in August 2010.

    Flying to NY and hiring a car and travelling to LA then flying San Fran to NY for our return.
    Return from NY we are looking at £500-600 each and them San Fran to NY £100 each.

    We have 1 month to do this and want to visit some places inc. Niagra Falls, Chicago, Grand Canyon, Vegas.

    We are not sure whether to do 1 or 2 cars there will be 5/6 of us, like a 7 seater or 2 smaller cars, as we will have luggage also? And we are all 21/22 so know there will be a premium.

    Any ideas on good renting sites and prices?

    We are wondering on a realistic budget for the month for fuel, food and motels. Looking to camp some days also.
    Would £1000 each do this?!

    Any help/advice would be great

    Thanks :)

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    Default Tight budget.

    Hi Niccilane, welcome to RTA ! [Pleased you found your way] ;-)

    You certainly have the time to do some sight seeing with a Month at your disposal and as you have already started a list of places and got a few dots on the map you can start looking for places of interest to you all in between those dots.

    As for a rental, 2 cars are obviously going to be quite dear, especially with under 25 year old surcharges and 2 one way drop off fees. The best I could recommend is to keep searching on the web as last weeks top deal won't necessarily be next weeks and see if you can find something suitable, a mini van perhaps.

    At the moment £1000 is about $1600 which only equates to $50 a day and if you are to take your car rental and gas from that it's probably not enough, although grouping together can help with the budget.

    If you had a couple of over 25's I would recommend that you consider a large RV it could accomodate all of you for sleep and travel. It might be worth looking into it if you can find a company that will rent to under 25's and you feel confident driving something so large. The big 2 company's to check out would be Cruise America and El Monte.

    Have a look around the forums for millions of ideas and when you have new questions ask away.

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