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  1. Default Planning trip to Washington from AZ

    I'm new to western US and not familiar with roads and routes, etc. I've done some research, but if anyone can help through experience that would be great. I'm planning a road trip to Port Townsend Washington in April. I would like to cut over to the coast in northern California and take that or another scenic route to Washington. I'm looking for advice on what to see and where to stop along the way to take in as much as possible. My only restrictions are that I need internet access and dog friendly hotels along the way. I will be staying in Port Townsend for a week before returning to Prescott, Az and am open to a different route coming back.

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    Almost all Motel 6 properties now have wifi - either free or no more than 4 bucks a night. They also allow one pet at no charge.

    How many days have you allocated for this trip each way?

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    Default More info.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You have many options but not knowing anything of your interests or what your timescale is, it's not really possible to make any meaningful suggestions, other than to say get out a good map and use the forums for research to find places of interest to you.

    When you have done so we can make suggestions and "fine tune" your trip but it's up to you to take the first step. Enjoy the planning and let us know your plans in a little more detail so we can help.

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    Here're some sites for your pets.

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