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    Hi everyone,
    I'm planning a 26 days trip in February 2010 with my boyfriend across California, and also Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. So far, we have come up with this order:
    Fly into LA. Stay for a few days.
    Spend (2?) nights around the Laguna Beach & Newport area.
    Go to San Diego, spend 3 nights.
    Go to Palm Springs, 1 night, then onto the Grand Canyon, also for one night.
    Drive to Las Vegas, spend 2 nights.
    Drive to Yosemite (now this is the part we are not sure of. Is it advisable to go to Yosemite from Vegas in winter, or is it better to go up the coast to San Francisco, as that is also on our list of places to see, and then go to Yosemite from San Francisco?).
    After San Francisco, drive back down the coast to LA.

    Any tips, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've been reading the other forums for a bit now and just need this cleared up a bit more. Thanks! :)

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    Default A good start.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Your itinerary looks in pretty good shape although the one thing that stands out to me is the one night in Grand canyon. Palm springs to Grand canyon is a days drive and to Vegas is 5 hours or so, leaving only a few hours at the Canyon. I would definitely recommend another night and enjoying time in or near to the South rim.

    The other concern is that you mention driving back down the coast to LA but no mention of a stop over. It is at least a 2 day drive to enjoy the Pacific coast highway as it is slow going but worth every moment !

    Regarding Yosemite, as you are finishing in LA and covering the coastal route then you will be best off travelling inland but you will have to go around the Southern end of the Sierra mountain range as the passes across them will be closed due to snow. This will take you via Bakersfield, Fresno and Oakhurst into the park. You would have to check conditions and whether or not there are tyre chain restrictions in force at that time.
    This is also a very full days driving and a popular option would be to split the journey into at least 2 days and detour across the fabulous landscape of Death valley. Sequoia NP is another option on this route given the time.

    Have a look at these links for ideas and just ask if you have more questions.

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    Default lots of time

    I completely agree with Daves suggestions, especially about adding at least a day at the Grand Canyon and working a stop at Death Valley.

    Unless I'm missing something, it looks to me like you've still got a lot of time to work with. Of your 26 days, it looks like you've at most got about 20 of them scheduled. That's certainly not a bad thing, it just means you've got a lot of flexability to work in a few extra places or spend more time in the places yo've already listed.

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    Bottom line - here is the normal status of all the passes over the Sierras during February, from south to north:

    Tehachapi Pass - CA-58 - Major high speed highway, very seldom closed.
    Walker Pass - CA-178 - Slow 2 lane, occasionally closed for snow and/or rockslides.
    Sherman Pass - Closed for the season.
    Tioga Pass - CA-120 - through Yosemite - Closed for the season.
    Sonora Pass - CA-108 - Closed for the season.
    Ebbetts Pass - CA-4 - Closed for the season.
    Monitor Pass - CA-89 - Closed for the season.
    Carson Pass - CA-88 - Maintained year round, medium speed 2 lane, subject to closures.
    US-50 - Aggressively maintained year round, very heavily traveled.
    I-80 - Same.

    California has chain laws, keep an eye on that.

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    Thanks for the suggestions and info. I will look into going to Sequoia NP. Going to Death Valley after Vegas sounds like a great idea, and also adding another night at Grand Canyon is definitely doable. Info about the different passes is very helpful thanks.
    I'll do up a new itinerary with these suggestions :)

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