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    As a graduation present to ourselves, my best friend and I are planning on making the journey cross country. Our main concern is which route we should take, which direction we should be traveling in (south, then west..west, then south...just southwest?), which states are most worthwhile passing through, and of course any interesting or appealing attractions to hit up along the way. We've both been to CA before but by plane, and are leaning towards a final destination of San Diego. Personally, I'd like to travel through some of the southern states as opposed to the north western I guess that determines direction - south, then west. Anyway, any tips are greatly appreciated as we're basically winging it as of now...

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Every state is worthwhile and the possible things that you could stop to see between the two coasts is in the millions. Only you can decide what things you want to see or what areas you want to go. If the south sounds appealing to you then that's certainly a good place to start.

    Basically, you need to take the first step, once you have some idea of what it is you want to see and where you want to go, we can help you put it all together, but first and foremost this has to be your trip.

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    If this is going to be a round trip, why not take the southern route one way and the northern route the other way?

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    and are leaning towards a final destination of San Diego.
    It sounds like a one way trip ?

    As Michael has said it's what appeals to you that matters and a lot will depend on your interests and how long you have to make the trip. I would study the map and use the search function to look around the forums where you will find endless amounts of info to find some answers. When you have done so we can be of more help, but for now I will say that if you like natural wonders and great scenery a trip through Colorado, Utah and Arizona is hard to beat in my opinion.


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