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    Hello forum,

    I'm a long time road tripper left with little to explore in the US. I haven't taken one in two years now and am longing to return to the road. I have the time now and am considering a Canadian road trip of sorts in December (the two weeks around christmas) from Vancouver to Montreal. Ideally I could stop along the way at the key Canadian cities: Calgary, Winnepeg, Toronto etc...

    Since this would be a solo drive I've got a couple questions and I know during the planning of the last trip I did you all were such a helpful resource.

    How are driving conditions during December in Canada? I plan on renting an SUV but if road closing is a possibility I can plan my route accordingly.

    Places to stop? I'm interested in seeing these cities but any suggestions for must see spots I may overlook would be greatly appreciated.

    Rental car from Canada to US? If I rent a car in Vancouver are you allowed to drive and/or return it in the US?

    Thanks so much everyone!
    Safe travels to all.

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    Renting a car in either country, you should be allowed to cross the border with it, but renting in one country and returning it in another country will not be possible. Decide where you will want to turn the car in, and rent it in Seattle or Vancouver as applicable.

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    Thanks for the rental advice, GLC, much appreciated.

    Any info on road conditions this time of year up there?

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    Default driving conditions

    Driving conditions can vary greatly from one place to another and from time to time. I guess you should expect winter conditions such as snow and ice, but it's hard to predict the weather. In Quebec, we got our first snowfall a couple of days ago and I know there's no snow whatsoever in the Toronto area.

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    You will have to cross the Rockies, and there is a high likelihood of significant weather up there. There are links on the Trans-Canada Highway site to up-to-the-minute road conditions in all the provinces it crosses.

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    Default Very nice to see a post from Gen

    Gen's been absent for too long a time. Nice to see you back here.


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