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    so the plan is to drive the perimeter of the united states. in a 2000 explorer with an es cargo. max 4 people in the car. we start from new york, travel west to oregon, south to el paso, back east to louisiana, and finally back up north to NY...camping at national parks about every 500 miles.

    tell me how long do you think it will take along with any other feedback...

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    also, about how much money do you think it will take including gas, food, water, beer...

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    It depends on a few things. If your just doing a rough outline of the US, and driving non stop every day. Meaning, you're camping, you're driving, you're camping - and nothing else - you could probably do it in just under 3 weeks. about 8000 miles, so that's 16 days driving 500 miles a day. Throw in a couple days for rest and to maintain your sanity, and that's 3 weeks.

    Now, if you want to stop and see anything, I'd give yourself at least a month. And of course, you should note that while there are plenty of places to camp across the country, there are many stretches where there are no national parks for 500 miles.

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    Wild ballpark guess on cost - at least $5000? That assumes only camping, and very few restaurant meals, living pretty much out of a cooler and grocery stores.

  5. Default Give yourself more time

    If you want to see anything at all that isn't through a windscreen, you want to give yourself more time.

    A few rules of thumb
    1. Don't try to cover more than 250 miles a day - that is still a lot of driving, say at average 30 - 40 mph that could be near 6 hours a day
    2. If you are camping/RVing it takes time to set up, pack down etc every day. This adds a good hour to your trip
    3. If you plan on eating, and cooking to keep costs down, you need to add in time at the supermarket (including finding one in some remote places!), add two hours for each trip here, say 3 - 4 times a week
    4. For every key destination e.g. city, national park, attraction you have planned, add a day - you want to be able to hike, enjoy, take that tour, snap some photos, speak with locals etc
    5. For every 5 days on the road, plan for a rest day to just read a book or stare at a tree. It will help you keep your sanity, especially if you are traveling with others

    Therefore, you can do the math to work out the time you need to road trip.

    For each person, each day you can easily spend $50 - 80 when you start to factor in gas, food, attractions (museums and theme parks don't come cheap), random stuff and accomodations.

    Just remember that you don't want to be "that tourist" that came to see everything and didn't experience anything (if you know what I mean!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elvis2005 View Post
    Just remember that you don't want to be "that tourist" that came to see everything and didn't experience anything (if you know what I mean!)
    How true, and well said.

    I am always amazed when people have to look up their itenary when asked where they have been. So memorable was the experience, that they do not even remember it.

    Lifey who has many unforgetable memories

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