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    Hello, I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving.

    My friend and I will be traveling from Houston to Ft. Myers, FL the day after Christmas and returning before or after New Years. We are hoping to make some adventurous stops along the way. We have never driven towards the East Coast before. I will name a few places we hope to stop at; New Orleans, Alabama, and Georgia. I think Georgia is a little out of the way, but would love to visit.

    If anyone knows of some great spots to stop along the way, it would be most helpful. We are very open to any ideas. We love taking pictures, live music and enjoying new cultures.

    Thanks so much. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

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    Well, for starters, there's the Creole Nature Trail for a bit of everything on your list, then after New Orleans, there's Gulf Islands National Seashore along the Mississippi and Alabama coasts. Southern Georgia would not be that big a detour. In particular, the Okefenokee Swamp would be an interesting and short drive up US-441. The drive is a minimum of two days, but if you plan to do much sight seeing at all, you'll have to add time as appropriate.


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    Thanks, so much. That is most helpful.

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