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    We are two girls from Norway who wants to see America from the road. We have 12 days to use driving from Orlando to Los Angeles and back again. We want to stay in New Orleans for one night. Then we want to stay a day in Texas at a ranch or something (know of any good ones??), then The Grand Canyon. Then off to LA staying there a night or two, off to San Francisco for one night and then Las Vegas for one night. On the way back we don't have any plans other than stopping for sleep and food. But the car rental rates for delivering on another location was so expensive that we took a few more days just to deliver it at the same place. Is this possible in 12 days??? And we sure could use some tips for where to stay and drive. And if there are other places we should see driving coast to coast:)
    the trip is in october 2010

    Marita and June from Norway
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    Default No, Not Possible

    Velkommen! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If all you do is drive from Orlando to Los Angeles and back by the most efficient routes possible with only minimal stops (say an hour or two a day) in addition to those required to eat, go to the bathroom and fuel the car, then you would need a minimum of 9-10 days just for that. I just don't see where you have any significant time for all the side trips and day long stops you are thinking about. You'll need to sit down and seriously trim your list of places to see, particularly those farthest from your starting point, if you want this to be a fun adventure rather than just a large number of days sitting in a car.


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I think you might be under estimating the distances you need to travel here. Your trip outline covers 6000 miles and to do that in 12 days will mean you will have to drive for around 9 hours every day with time to stop for food and bathroom breaks and a stretch of the legs and to fill with fuel. That really is not leaving you much time to see anything other than through the car window.

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    For two Norwegians it's hard to estimate the distance we want to drive:) So I am really glad I found this site to get some help. Can you estimate how many days we should have, or maybe you know any car rentals that doesn't charge so much for delivering on different locations? That was our plan first to drive one way, and then fly from California so we could get more time on the road. Thank you again for the help:)

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    Default Shopping around.

    The one way drop off fee is very much a common practice for the major rental company's and all you can do is search the Net for any special deals where perhaps someone needs some of there fleet moving across country.

    As you can see, the time you have right now will be mostly used up doing the drive, so how much longer you will need will really depend on how much sight seeing you want to do, but to do your "wish list" I would recommend a minimum of 3 weeks.

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    Default making choices

    It is true that you will pay several hundred dollars (or more) to rent a car and drop it off on the other side of the country. There really is no way to get around that.

    However, it also would cost quite a bit to drive it back across the country yourself too. You'll need at least $300 for fuel, plus 5 nights of motel room will likely cost another $300 or so. So not including extra food or anything else, driving back across country will likely cost you at least as much (if not more than) the cost of the drop fee.

    With 12 days, as has been mentioned, you really can't do the trip you are talking about and also drive back to Florida. You could probably do it, or something reasonably close, as just a one way trip.

    I think that really leaves you with about 3 choices: Do a one way trip, and pay for the drop fee. Take more time for this trip (I agree with Dave you'd need at least 3 weeks to do an entire loop from Florida to CA and back). Or do a smaller loop where you focus on one region - either the southwest California/Nevada/Arizona or the southeast Florida/New Orleans/Maybe Texas.

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    I guess we have to decide what is more important. After all of your good advices and tips, I think we will just do it one way and spend our time seeing more of the country than just from the carwindow. Doing it that way I hope we get to do everything on our wish list to see:) This is an experience of a lifetime,and we don't want it to be wasted!
    this is really a great site, and thanks to you all for taking your time to help others get a great experience!

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