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    Default three week road trip august 2010

    Hi everyone I have just found this site - and it looks great. My hubby and I are British and have spent many happy times in the USA. We are aiming to visit all states within the next 10 or so years - we have so far managed 28!
    My question is this. We have a 3 week holiday booked in Aug 2010 although we normally travel alone this time we are being accompanied by another couple who we have holidayed with before. Anyway this is a rough outline of our trip and any suggestions or comments would be welcome.We always do 'budget' and favour nature over city!
    Fly to Vegas
    Grand Canyon
    Up Rockies as far as Jasper
    back down into Washington
    Lassen Volano NP
    Lake Tahoe
    Death Valley
    Fly home - are we mad!
    What should we not miss out on?

  2. Default 3 week trip?

    Welcome to Road Trip America & to the USA. Sounds like you have a plan & have been looking into info along your planed trip.
    I would slow down and try to see more of the area that you are planing to travel thourgh. You will be here for 21 days and if you only spent one night at each localcation including one night in Vegas at the start of your trip and one before you flew out that would leave only 7 days. There is so much to see and do in places like Vegas, Grand Teton NP, Yellowstone, Glaicer, Jasper & Yosemite. You could spend 4 or more days in each of the above and only see some of the highlights of each. I would suggest that with only 3 weeks I would just try to make Vegas, Grand Teton, Yellowstone & Glaicer.
    Hope that you have a great trip next Aug.

    billy bob

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    Default pacing

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I don't know if I'd say that you're mad, but you've got a very enthusiastic pace here. Just the rough outline of your trip is well over a 4,000 mile trip. If you are driving full days, that's 8 days of driving alone. You've also listed 14 stops (some of which are multiple stops rolled into one). Basically, you'd have to spend one day or less at each of the places, and many of these places really deserve multiple days.

    If it were me, I would do one of two things. The easiest and cheapest would be to cut out the farthest north stops (basically all of Canada, and possibly Glacier). The other option would be to make this a one way trip, and cut out all of your California/West Coast stops. Since you won't be able to rent in the US and drop off in Canada, you'd probably have to fly home from Seattle.

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    It's very doable - if all you want to do is "whistle stops" and/or do your sightseeing out of the car windows. If you want to enjoy the trip, it needs to be cut down some.

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    Default Same here.

    Just to echo the previous comments, it looks a lot to accomplish in the time you have, unless your main goal is to knock some States visited off your list. With 4 of you going you would have to discuss at what pace you want to travel, things could get "tetchy" real quick if not everyone wants to be rushing through.

    What should we not miss out on?
    Only you can decide this one but as Michael has suggested, dropping the Northern portion or create a one way trip would be 2 options, although there is so much to see and do in the Southwest it could easily keep you on the go for 3 weeks and still have plenty left for another time. Personally I would split it into 2 trips and leave one for the next time, Vegas for the Southwest and choose a more Northerly destination to start the other trip.

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    Default Thanks

    Hi everyone and thanks for your comments. As hubby and I have covered much of the lower end over several trips our 'holiday partners' are happy to spend much of the first and end of last week driving and whistle stop tours after Vegas which they particularly wanted to see and we have several days there (having been, I think that's enough!). I think we may not go all the way to Jasper but we really want to do the round trip so may just go ahead and see how far we get.
    We have done this sort of thing before with the same people around Europe several times so I guess we will be OK couped up in a car (a big, spacious one!) if necessary!

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    Default one potential hurdle

    Do keep in mind that it may be difficult to rent a car in Vegas that will allow you to travel into Canada. "Unlimited Mileage" throughout the lower 48 is pretty common, but getting permission to travel into Canada when you're starting that far south may not be as easy. Its just something you'll want to make sure you check into in terms of the fine print.

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    Default Trip Journals

    Here is a link to my trip journals that might be of help to you in planning a three week trip.
    We have taken several 3+ week trips and have traveled almost 9000 miles in three+ weeks. The journals will show you a good time line for our daily travel activities and how much time we spent at the places we visited. It can certainly be done if, as has been stated in other posts here, you don't spend a lot time in one place. You can see a lot in a short time but you don't get to explore any one place for very long. We have enjoyed the trips we have taken and many of the places we have visited briefly, we have returned on subsequent trips to spend more time there. Some good trip software (like Rand Mcnally TripMaker) can help you calculate how long it will take you to get from place to place. Hope this will help in your planning.


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    Some good trip software (like Rand Mcnally TripMaker) can help you calculate how long it will take you to get from place to place.
    Google Maps is free - but something you need to do no matter whether you are using paid-for software or free online mapping programs is add 20% to the software's predicted drive times. Software assumes no stops or delays whatsoever.

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    Default us / canada cross border car please

    Can anyone suggest a rental company that will allow you to cross the us/canadian border. We will be collecting and returning in US but spending 5 days in Canada. I am struggling to find a company, failing that any suggestions - people must do this all the time
    Any advice gratefully received.
    Thanks for reading
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