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    Hi, My trip that im trying to plan is to go from petaluma, ca to rockford, IL. i was wondering what the best route would be during the winter season would be. Thanks for any and all help!!

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    Default straight across

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I-80 all the way across to Illinois, then I-88 to I-39 is going to be your best bet. Simply put, every other route is going to significantly increase your mileage, thus increase your odds of hitting bad weather.

    The trip is just over 2000 miles, and you should expect it to take 4 days if you see good weather for your entire trip.

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    If the weather is bad around Salt Lake City, go north on I-15 to I-84 and take that back to I-80. This will take you around Parley's Summit, which can be nasty when the weather is bad.

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