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    Well... three months after I started - and much frustration and lost time later - I finally uploaded my book and ordered three copes earlier this evening: one for me, one for my mum for mothers day and one for my girlfriend for her birthday. The upload process was simple and fast and ordering simple. The design process though: horrible. Never, ever again...

    Will let you know how it turns out but you can preview the first few pages here if you're interested!

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    Well, I am pleased to say that my books arrived whilst I was at work this morning. Whilst putting the damn thing together was painful to the point I considered jumping from a nearby bridge, I am delighted that I persevered. The quality - with the exception of a few of the photos being a little dark - is exceptional and I would recommend the printer to anyone. Athough I would suggest looking into using your own software to prepare the book if you are going to do one!



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