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    We are first timers from Oz to the US in early April 2010. Your site has been fantastic and helped us so much. We would still welcome some views / feedback on our proposed itinerary to make sure what we want to do is achievable in the timeframe and at this time of year.

    We are starting with 4 nights Anaheim, 4 nights San Diego, 3 nights LA then getting car from LA and propose:

    Drive LA to Vegas (allow 5 to 6 hours)
    Vegas - 2 nights
    Drive Vegas via Death Valley to Lake Isabella (allow around 7 hours w/ stops)
    hwys 95 - 373 - 190 - 395 - 178 *
    Lake Isabella - 1 night
    Drive Lake Isabella via Sequoia to El Portal Yosemite
    hwys 178 - 99 - 198 - 180 - 41 * (allow around 7 hours w/ stops)
    El Portal - 2 nights
    Drive Yosemite - San Francisco
    San Francisco - 3 nights

    Any ideas and feedback please! Thanks :)

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your basic outline, is fine, although a bit optimistic in places.

    The biggest problem is your Lake Isabella/Sequoia/Yosemite day. There's almost no chance you could complete it in 7 hours, even driving non stop, I'd say 10 hours is more likely at the fastest possible pace. Its quite likely you'd have to be on the road for upwards of 12-14 hours once you factor in just a few basic stop looking around Sequoia. If I were you, I would look at staying in Fresno, and finish your drive into Yosemite the following day. It should be much less stressful and likely cheaper to stay outside of the park this day.

    You made it sound like you aren't picking up your car until after you've spent more than a week in the LA/Anaheim/San Diego area? How are you planning to get around? LA is a challenging place to drive, but an even more difficult place to explore if you don't have a car. You'd also save yourself some backtracking if you did all of your LA/Anaheim at once, then traveled to San Diego, and then traveled directly to Las Vegas from San Diego.

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    I agree with Michael, some parts are over optimistic and would consider taking a bit of time from Anaheim/LA to make it more balanced.

    With an extra night between Vegas and El Portal, one possibility would be to stay in the Lake Isabella area and then drive through the Sequoia NM from the quaint little town of Kernville. It's a slow mountainous drive through Johnsondale and Cedar slope but very scenic. You will also pass a grove of Sequoia's called "The trail of 100 giants" which is a hidden gem with a paved trail. If you stayed somewhere in the Exeter/Three rivers area and then made your way up the "Generals highway" [198] through Sequoia NP to El Portal. They are still 2 very full day's but at a pace you can enjoy them.

    Another option would be to spend a night in Death valley at Stovepipe wells or Panamint springs to the West of it and continue next day to Sequoia, with 2 nights you could do both !

    From Vegas you could use the "locals route" and head on 160 to Pahrump and then take the W. Bell vista/Ash Meadows Rd to Death valley junction and 190.

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