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  1. Default Planning first roadtrip in April

    Im in the beginning stages of planning my first roadtrip (and i will be doing it solo). My so far planned route will start in Miami, up the eastern coast with stops in Orlando FL, the Carolinas, Washington DC, Lancaster Pa, NYC then to Niagara Falls. For my return (should i decide to come back), would have me going through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee before returning to the Carolinas and back on down to Florida.

    Im planning on taking the entire month of April 2010 off (birthday month) for this trip however my so-far itinerary has the trip slated for about 20 days, including an approximate week stay in Lancaster PA with family. Hopefully my job will approve my request or else its goodbye job and hello world.

    I figured a comfortable budget for this trip would be about 3K, that I can hopefully raise by selling most of my possessions. Im trying to free my life from clutter and do some soul searching and i feel this experience can definitely inspire and help me.

    I've always dreamed and talked about doing a roadtrip but never did because i never considered taking on a trip of this magnitude on my own (i've done several eastern coast long haul drives with only stops for fuel and snacks). I wish i had decided to this earlier because now I decided to wait for April to avoid the northern winter season (not sure if I would enjoy a cold roadtrip).

    Any insight or tips would be appreciated, I love hearing peoples different roadtrip paths and tips.

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Nobody but you can decide whether or not to leave behind a job is the right decision, but we can answer to some of the other questions.

    First, will you be using your own vehicle? I'd assume that you are, based on the budget for the trip. That budget does seem quite comfortable. What are your plans for lodging, outside of the week with family?

    Now, one thing that would be of help to us in helping with a route would be to let us know what types of things you are interested in. However, with the amount of time you've specified, you have ample opportunity to take many of the two-lanes and back roads and to really explore the regions in which you will be traveling.

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