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  1. Default atlanta, ga to seattle, wa via the southwest u.s.

    hi, two friends and i are driving from atlanta to seattle in the first or second week of december. we plan to go west through texas, new mexico, arizona, dip up into las vegas, back down to los angeles, and take the 101 all the way up the coast of california, oregon, and washington. i know this is not the most efficient route, but time is not really an issue for us and this is the route we decided would be the most fun. does anyone who has driven out west this way or all the way up the 101 have any suggestions for things to stop and see along the way, other than the grand canyon and the hoover dam? any tips on changes in weather? anything you can think of that i should know? some key cities we will pass through:
    jackson, ms
    shreveport, la
    dallas/ft. worth, tx
    lubbock, tx
    albuquerque, nm
    flagstaff, az
    las vegas, nv
    los angeles, ca...up the 101 to washington

    these citites are mainly just markers for us along the way. the route is relatively flexible (i.e. i would stray off the beaten path slightly to see something cool) and im open to suggestions.


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    Default Plenty.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The most important thing about the road trip is satisfying the individual, going where you want and finding places that you find "fun" and interesting not someone else's "Perfect trip", and you have already taken care of that.

    What I would suggest is studying a detailed map and search the forums to find those things that appeal to you between your chosen destinations and how you can incorporate them. With time "Not an issue" there are simply endless paths you could take but there must be a point that time is an issue, is it a Month, 3 Months, a year?
    As for the weather, it is totally unpredictable so it's always wise to be a little flexible with your timing in case of disruption but you don't actually say when you will be travelling ?

    There are a million and one things other than the Grand canyon and Hoover dam to do it's just a case of a little more research. Once you have done so and answered a couple of the questions I am sure we will be able to help "fine tune" your trip.

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    Instead of just taking 101 all the way up the coast, if possible I would take CA-1 from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco, and again from San Francisco to Leggett.

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    thanks for the help so far. i wish i had a whole year to drive around out there haha. by time not being an issue i mean it isnt pertinent that i get back on a certain day. id like to keep the trip between 2-4 weeks, though. as for leaving...we'd like to try to leave between december 5th and 11th..whenever i can get my exams done the earliest. i'm not 100% sure of the "things to see out there"
    i know we want to see the grand canyon and im guessing we can do that around flagstaff. ive heard of the painted desert somehwere out there and meteor crater is somewhere around flagstaff. i just mainly want to see mountains, canyons, desert, anything worth seeing out there.
    as far as the 101 goes...ive heard that ca-1 is the place to be at some points instead of the 101. any other points we should switch over to ca-1? how far up and down the coast does ca-1 go? should we take that instead of the 101 as much as we can?


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