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    Default Newby - Cargo Van set up

    Hi Everyone, I am new here but find lots of positive input. When my wife and I travel, we have always done so in a truck w/a shell on the truck bed. We are avid ultralite backpackers, and carry that concept into how/what we pack into the bed of the truck.

    We are in the market for another rig, and it looks like we are going to order a cargo van. This rig offers us the opportunity to have an open area from the cab to where we sleep/store stuff, and opportunity to customize it a lot better than if we had a shell on another truck.

    So, those of you out there who either have great ideas on how to store stuff I want to hear from you. At present, I have lots of milk crates and square 5 gallon white plastic buckets/lids. I can work with those. But, if you have other ideas, I want to read them.

    In the future, I won't be afraid to step in there and join in the discussions. I look forward to learnin' and sharin'.



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    Its been a while since I have been on here but I have some old posts of my cargo van setup. Its in the gear up section.
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