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  1. Default san francisco/los angeles

    2 belgiums visit usa :
    We hope to go to California this Summer for 3 - 4 weeks and are thinking of hiring a smallish RV in San Francisco area to do several national parks, grand canyon LA ,has anyone any experience of doing this.
    All tips,ideas and costs,compared to car hire and motels would be welcome.
    Many thanks

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    Default A little research.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I have done such a trip as you can see here. [I have only just noticed the photo's have gone down but it should give you an idea as to whats possible. By searching the forums you will find lots of info on the Southwest in general.

    With 2 of you travelling it will almost certainly be dearer than a car and Motels and really is a lifestyle choice and not a budget choice. I'm not sure what tips and ideas you are after but feel free to ask more specific questions. My advice would be to do a little of your own research and when you have a better idea of what it is you want to do and where you want to go, then we can help, but untill that time there are a million and one options open to you. Get a good map and search the forums for inspiration and you will also find the National parks website very useful.

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    that was already a good start, i find indeed a lot off information
    when i have more facts i hope i can contact you ?

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    Default We are here to help.

    Quote Originally Posted by freddemot View Post
    that was already a good start, i find indeed a lot off information
    when i have more facts i hope i can contact you ?
    When you have new questions just post them here in this thread so that we can all offer you help and advice where possible.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    19/07/2010 Aankomst SFO
    20/07/2010 San Francisco
    21/07/2010 San Francisco -Yosemite National Park
    22/07/2010 Yosemite National Park - Mammoth Lakes
    23/07/2010 Mammoth Lakes - Death Valley
    24/07/2010 Death Valley - Las Vegas
    25/07/2010 Las Vegas
    26/07/2010 Las Vegas - Zion National Park
    27/07/2010 Zion National Park - Bryce National Park
    28/07/2010 Bryce National Park - Grand Canyon
    29/07/2010 Grand Canyon
    30/07/2010 Grand Canyon - Kingman
    31/07/2010 Kingman - Palm Springs
    01/08/2010 Palm Springs - Los Angeles
    02/08/2010 Los Angeles
    03/08/2010 Los Angeles
    04/08/2010 Los Angeles - Santa Barbara
    05/08/2010 Santa Barbara - San Luis Obispo
    06/08/2010 San Luis Obispo - Monterey
    07/08/2010 Monterey - San Francisco
    08/08/2010 San Francisco
    09/08/2010 San Francisco - belgium i calculate about 3550 km, too heavy?

    any suggestions about renting a car, are there comp. known for cheap prices?
    we like to stay in motels ( or cheap hotels)

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    Default Shopping around.

    Your itinerary looks well laid out and not "to heavy" on the miles. I would be looking to leave SF and Vegas early to maximise your time in Yosemite and Zion respectively. You could drop a day at the coast and ease up on the pace from Vegas to Grand canyon and enjoy a little more time at these amazing places but that choice is yours of course.

    As for car rentals I think the best advice we can offer is to shop around for deals as they are constantly changing and last weeks best deal might not be the same as next weeks. You have plenty of time to compare the market price and wait to see if a really good deal comes along.

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    Your allocated time for the NP's is very short. I'd stay at least one full day in Yosemite and also in Zion. You can save some time by taking shorter time for the hw1 route and shorter for the drive between GCNP and LA. The direct drive from GC to Los Angeles app. is 8-9 hours. Between Bryce and GC you'll find Page and a place like Antelope Canyon (among others). Don't miss.
    If you decide to rent an RV keep in mind you are not allowed to drive through Death Valley NP that time of year (your rentalcy won't allow). Make your reservations for the NP's asa soon as possible. Instead Mammoth you could drive to Lone Pine that day. Lone Pine is at the foot of Mount Whitney and a nice "old western" township. Gives you more time for DV as well.
    Have a mooie reis!

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    thank you both, we will remember your advices ( "mooie reis" = nederlands, bent u nederlandstalig?)

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    What else? -lol- Als je nog iets wil weten laat maar horen!

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    Default Sounds like a great trip!

    I have found joining AAA a wonderful convenience. They have a "Trip Tik" which allows you to create your plan easily while it will list all hotels/motels/"must sees"/"must dos"/campgrounds/gas stations/mileage between stops, etc.

    I totally recommend using their tools to help with your plans!

    Have a great trip!!

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