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  1. Default From South florida to Asheville NC

    we are planning road trip
    we are 2 adults and a toddler
    we are planning to leave the 23rd at night
    What are the cities and towns we cant miss?
    I heard that Georgia and NC are much nicer than Florida, ( we've been to many places already)
    What would you advice , recommend, hotels, motels, places to visit etc
    Is it too cold?
    Thanks so much to all in advance
    Looking forward to your answers

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    Default You mean tomorrow night?

    I don't know where you are starting from (where in South Florida) but if the Miami area, that journey would be about 800 miles. So you could expect to cover it in two days if you drove 6-7 hours per day. There's lot of pretty country between those two spots.

    How long do you have for the trip? What kinds of things do YOU want to see?


  3. Default Thanks for your quick reply =)

    no we are leaving December 23rd
    planning to spend Christmas somewhere nice
    We are leaving from Hollywood fl close to Ft lauderdale headed north
    We love sightseeing adventure, cute towns , everything, but if I have to tell you my priority right now, is to have my 2 1/2 year old boy entertained.
    If he is happy we are too, and I dont believe that only watching is cool for him
    But for me, cute cities and towns, mountains, lakes, meeting sweet people, everything
    Looking forward for your reply
    are you from the area?
    have you done a trip like that?
    We plan to do a round trip from Dec 23rd to January 3 or 4
    Thanks =)

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    I'd consider spending Christmas in Orlando at the theme parks - this is an excellent time to go because the crowds will be down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glc View Post
    I'd consider spending Christmas in Orlando at the theme parks - this is an excellent time to go because the crowds will be down.
    I would think the theme parks would be more crowded due to families spending Christmas there. What is your experience exactly being there during the holidays?

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    Default the opposite!

    Whoa! Sorry, GLC, but you are way off on your thoughts on Orlando Theme Parks.

    The Christmas to New Years week is the single busiest week of the year at Disney World. In fact, it is so busy that it is not uncommon to actually have to close a park to more guests because they have reached capacity during this extremely busy time period. Its a safe bet to assume the Universal and Sea World see similar massive crowds.

    I've gone to Disney a couple of times, and I've always enjoyed it, but personally being a person who doesn't like crowds, I'd probably take a pass on going to Disney during that week even if you gave me Free tickets!

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    I am referring to Christmas Day. I have a friend who flew out of ORD to Orlando early Christmas morning and spent the day at Universal Studios several years ago, and he reported that the park was not crowded at all. That's all I'm going by.

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