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  1. Default Suggestions for 8 days roadtrip in florida?

    Most of you don't know me but i'm 'the other guy' from this thread
    I got really lucky with a work trip so im off to Miami this monday where i'll be working on board the Oasis of the Seas (world's largest cruise vessel) until friday. Instead of going back home to Norway I decided to use some saved up vacation and go on another roadtrip in Florida for an extended week. Due to the short notice I have not had much time to research where to go and what to do so any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated!
    I have only a vague idea of places I want to go, and so far this includes Miami, Key west and Orlando.
    As you can probably tell from the other thread I'm really into taking pictures so advice on scenic routes is very welcome. I guess Orlando is the place to go for theme parks, this is not a big priority but I guess it's a 'must do'? which one is the best?
    I also like to partying and drinking which is part of the reason I made sure I would get two weekends there. I guess Miami is the place for that? My idea was to spend both weekends in Miami and go everywhere else in the week between.

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    Default Some Possible Destinations

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    Well, for scenery, it will be hard to beat the Overseas Highway (US-1) down to Key West. Some other scenic places you should be considering are Everglades National Park and Cedar Key on the northern Gulf coast for some small town America. While not particularly scenic, per se, if there's a launch scheduled you can get some great pictures anywhere near the Kennedy Space Center.


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    I'd have to agree with AZ, the overseas highway is incredible, and there are some fantastic places to stop and get great photos. The beaches are incredibly beautiful in the light of dawn. One little known gem along the keys, is the Tavernier Wild Bird Rehabilitation Centre. And when you walk past all the rehabilitation cages, and all their exotic contents, there are hundreds of water birds of all types to be seen on the beach, apparently very tame. I know the centre is in financial trouble, as they only take donations and do not charge for anything.

    Take a boat tour through the Everglades, or from Flamingo, that place is so special, and disappearing rapidly.

    And should you be lucky enough to catch a shuttle launch, be sure you get there early.... that is, hours and hours before blast off. We watched it from A1A right by the bridge over Banana Lagoon, and it was unforgetable. Only those who were on the water were able to get closer. We got there soon after midday for a 6.30pm launch, and the best spots were long gone. By the time of the launch cars were parked three deep along both sides on the grass off the highway, for many miles. But hey!! there's nothing like being able to say, "I was there!"

    Lifey who will be looking forward to more of your photos

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