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    My girlfriend and I are planning a vacation to Las Vegas in April 2010. We have ten days in total and we want to split that time "doing Vegas!" and the rest of the time taking in some sights on a road trip-So we want to plan a scenic route that will allow us to view some fabulous scenery and visit some interesting towns/areas. Would love to visit Death Valley and The Grand Canyon.
    We were thinking of a fly drive coming in from the U.K, picking up the rental in maybe seattle, and dropping it off in Vegas- any suggestions on routes. Or Suggestions on maybe flying into a different city. We definitley want to spend five days in Vegas though.
    I look forward to your help and expertise.


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    One thing to keep in mind about one-way rentals is that they can cost significantly more than a rental in which you're returning the vehicle to the same place as you rented from.

    Seattle to Las Vegas is at least a two-day drive, spending most of each day on the highway. This would leave you just three days to do the exploring you want. You could go in to Los Angeles and this would free up a significant chunk of time which you could use to head to some of the areas you mentioned and really enjoy them.

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    As Tim has said to get from Seattle to Vegas would be a minimum of 2 [very long] days driving on Interstate. To put it in perspective it's almost the same as driving from Lands end to John 'O Groats and then back to Leeds in the UK.

    As you want to spend a chunk of your time in Vegas I would do one of the following;

    Fly in and out of Vegas [no one way rental charge] and do a circular tour from Vegas. Highlights could include, Zion NP, Bryce canyon, Page, [Lake Powell/Antelope canyon] Monument valley and Hoover dam. Death valley could be included or do as a seperate day trip from Vegas.

    Fly into San Fran and drop off in Vegas. Drive down the Pacific coast highway on route 1 around Big Sur and then head inland towards Death valley and Vegas, or head from San Fran to Yosemite NP and head South [possibly Seqouia NP] and around the Southern end of the Sierra's via Bakersfield. Normally I would be recommending to cross the Sierra's via Tioga pass [CA120] from Yosemite to Death valley but it wil be closed due to the winter snow on the high ground.

    You will find lots of info [and more options] by searching the forums and when you have a better idea of what you want to do let us know and we can help you to "fine tune" your trip.

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    I agree with the previous posts that Seattle is just a bit too far. You really couldn't make the drive from Seattle, and see DV and the Grand Canyon, and still have 5 days left for Vegas.

    With 4 days for exploring and considering you want to see DV and Grand Canyon, I would strongly look at just doing everything out of Vegas. You can do Death Valley as a Daytrip, and you'll need at least 2 days to drive out to the Grand Canyon (and back), so that only leaves one day left, and there are plenty of places you could fill that between Northern Arizona, Southern Utah, or elsewhere in the region.

    If you do really want to fly into a different city, SF or LA would probably be your best bet, and often you can avoid a one way surcharge if you are only traveling between those cities or Vegas. However, you will usually pay more for your flight, and I don't think it would be worth the additional expense considering your current priorities.

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    Over the years my wife and I have done a similar trip flying into LA, then driving to Vegas, around 5 hours. If you are only planning on five days in Vegas, I wouldn't bother spending two of them going to Grand Canyon and back. There is more than enough to do in that place without losing two days. If you get bored(?) with too many casinos and sunbathing, then maybe visit Hoover Dam for half a day. You could then spend a few days heading towards San Francisco via Death Valley, which you say you want to see. You could head across to the 395 and then head north towards Lake Tahoe before heading towards SF. Plenty of nice/interesting places on the way. You might want a couple of days in SF at the end of the trip, a great city. You can then fly back to the UK from SF. We found that because BA and Virgin both fly scheduled flights to both SF and LA there is not much difference in the cost and there shouldn't be a 'one way' penalty for the car hire as it's in the same state. Make sure you book your car hire from the UK before leaving. Less costly. Enjoy the trip, it's a great time of year to do it.

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    Hi there. I may be too late to help but a couple of years ago I used when hiring a car in one location and returning to another in the US. They were very helpful and got me a good deal avoiding the extra fees that many hire companies wanted when i approached them directly.

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