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    Default Road Trip with the kids ....

    Hi! We are Aussies with three kids (aged 9,7 and 4) who will be coming over next year. In mid-May we plan to leave Vegas and head to San Francisco. I like the idea of driving as we have 3-4 days available so would love to go through Death Valley and stop at Yosemite for 2 nights to chill out. Our kids are good travellers but I'm not sure whether this would be too much (eg. the boredom stakes). So my question is, do I do the drive from LV to SF, or fly from LV to SF then drive out from SF to Yosemite and just cover that area instead and possibly Lake Tahoe? I've been reading the threads and have gained heaps of info so far, so thanks for that!

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    Default We love to drive !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I doubt you will find too many people recommending you fly, after all we are a road trip forum ! Seriously though, it is a wonderful drive through Death valley and with 3 or 4 day's to take the opportunity to see more of the country I would take the drive, but ultimately only you can decide. You have enough time to take lots of breaks on the road and if you involve the kids in the "adventure" and they are good travellers there shouldn't be a problem. If you take into consideration that driving from SF to Yosemite and back is less than 200 miles difference in distance than driving from Vegas to SF and negates the need to go through the hassle of an airport with the kids, it does make sense. Add Tahoe and you will be driving around the same distance.

    The two things you should know at this point is firstly, there will most likely be a one way drop off charge on your car if you are not returning to Vegas. Secondly, the most popular route from Death valley into Yosemite involves crossing the Sierra's on CA 120 [the Tioga pass] which quite often is still closed due to winter snow accumulation in May. The good news is that if it is closed, you can still drive through Death valley and then around the Southern end of the mountains through Bakersfield and up to Fresno and Oakhurst to approach Yosemite from the South.

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    Default Kids Road Atlas

    I bought the kids road atlas for my 7 and 9 year old grandchildren, and it has been a worthwhile investment.... and, I am told, given them things to do along the way. It has also become a great souvenir of their time in the States, as each time they go anywhere, they highlight the route taken.

    And you have lots of time to get it sent out, and for the children to become familiar with it and help plan the trip.

    Lifey in Melbourne

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