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    What would be my best route in January to drive from Sac to Columbia? Looking at Mapquest and other maps I could take the I-80 across the top but fear snow or take I-40 where I think I would have less chance of snow and ice? Your thoughts from experienced raod trippers??

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    My mapping program shows this to be the shortest and fastest:


    This is 2700 miles and should not be attempted in any less than 5 days. As far as weather goes, it cannot be predicted this far in advance, and ANY west-to-east cross country route has the potential for ice and snow in January.

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    Default Wait and see.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    As glc has stated, nowhere is immune from winter weather conditions in January. Nobody can predict the weather this far in advance so the only thing I would suggest is to wait and see what the weather forecast has to say before departure, and then decide which route.

    There is only an hour or 2 between the quickest 4 options and my mapping also shows I 40 to be the quickest of those. I also agree that it is a minimum
    5 days of travel, especially in January, if you want to do a little sight seeing and be able to relax a little, try and take a couple more.

    Have a safe journey.

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    Default not less

    I agree with what has previously been said, but want to elaborate a little bit on the possibility of seeing weather.

    Your premise that you'd be less likely to see bad weather on I-40 is a faulty one. If anything, you'd be more likely to see ice rather than snow by going farther south. There are many times were I would rather take I-80, and in the case where there is a storm large enough to effect both routes, most often, I'd rather be taking I-80. That's why the advice you've been given to wait an see what the specific forecasts look like is so important.

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    There is one thing that would concern me about I-80 in bad weather - and that's the stretch in eastern Wyoming that is subject to high winds, whiteouts, and black ice.

  6. Default Just What I Thought

    Thanks everyone for the info. I have driven from Sacramento to Alabama, but it was in the fall and great trip alone. This trip is also for work and alone again, but the nasty mid west and east coast weather is a concern. New to this website and great info and insight!!! I will advise what the outcome will be.

    Thanks to all and God Bless.

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