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    Hello all I'm new to this site but so far this is fantastic.

    I don't know if you would call this a roadtrip or some sort of psychotic fantasy but my best friend and I are doing a marathon driving trip thanksgiving week from Central connecticut to Palm Bay Orlando area to see his parents for Thanksgiving. We are planning on leaving Tuesday at noon and not stopping. We are hoping someone could give us a clue on what the 78/81 trip thru PA is like for real. We want to avoid TOLLS (haha) but we don't want to get stuck on a road that is really more of an expressway (two lane) in the middle of nowhere. Basically we are trying to get to Florida as fast as possible without paying the most in Tolls. Really want to avoid those $8 New York bridge tolls and traffic.

    Or if its unavoidable, does anyone know what the total cash for the tolls are from New York to Orlando? We are working with limited cash (we are plastic people lol.)

    I know this goes against most roadtrippers creeds but this is the worst we've undertaken so far. Two weekends ago we tried Philly for the weekend and got stuck on a bridge in New York for 3 hrs so that we could pay that $8 toll.

    Any advice besides telling me we are crazy would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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    We cannot recommend that you do this nonstop. Please plan on one night on the road, this is a 1300 mile trip and will take you ~24 hours. You said it first - you *are* crazy - and no offense intended, also irresponsible. Your halfway point will be in the Roanoke/Blacksburg/Wytheville VA area.

    Take I-84/I-81/I-77/I-26/I-95. It's all multi-lane Interstate highway with essentially no tolls. It goes through less populated areas but is hardly "in the middle of nowhere" and there are plenty of services.

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    Well I would just like to say that I am glad we didn't listen to you. We made it to florida in 17 hrs, one slept while the other drove and we had a great time. We went down on I-95 and came back on 77 so that we could stop in Gettysburg and watch the sunrise. It was a great trip.

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    Default celebrating recklessness

    Congratulations on completing a reckless trip. Thankfully, you managed to avoid seriously injuring or killing yourself or someone else by doing something that causes thousands of deaths every year. I guess its not surprising that someone who is so foolish and selfish would also then come back to brag about such behavior.

    If you completed your trip in 17 hours, then you averaged more 70 miles per hour, which means you had to be driving in excess of 85-90 mph for a large portion of your trip, so in addition to driving without proper rest, your driving itself was also endangering others.

    Hopefully you will never try such foolishness again, and if you do, we pray that you only end up causing serious harm to yourself, and not someone else whose life has been endangered simply because they share the road with you.

    I wonder if you would be here to congratulate yourself about having a great time while "successfully" driving drunk without killing someone?

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