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    Hi all :)

    we would like to do a roundtrip by car in the USA.
    The one problem is, the things that we really want to do, are never listed in one package.

    We want to start in New York and spend 3 days over there. From there one, we want to make our way down to Miami Beach, where we would like to relax a few days before heading back to Belgium.
    We are able to travel around for 15 (max 17) days.

    Could anyone give us some advice if this is possible? We really want to see a lot of things while driving to our end destination, but we don't want to drive all day long.
    Which are the hightlights where we should stop for some time sightseeing and where are the best places to stay for the night?

    Also, as a huge fan of Walt Disney, I'd love to go to Disney World. I was thinking maybe spending 2 days over there and visiting 2 of the theme parks. Which ones would you recommend spending a day? And ofcourse, which hotel would be the best choice?

    We would be very thankful for your help.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Here are two completely different itineraries for possible drives from New York to Florida. After you've had a look at these, if one appeals to you more than the other, but you still want more to do, let us know. Unfortunately, we really don't often recommend specific hotels because there are just to many and we are not a lodging or restaurant review site.


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    Default disney

    When it comes to hotels near Disney, the biggest choice is whether you'll stay on or off Disney property. Disney hotels are very nice, even the budget choices, however they are going to be a fair bit more expensive. You also get some distinct advantages, like not having to deal with parking and getting "bonus hours" at the parks. However, if you stay off property, you can find some incredible deals and stay very cheap. Entire books have been written about the various hotel options, so its really not possible to get into all the options in a forum such as this.

    For the theme parks, again, you've got to fit with what your goals are. Magic Kingdom is the classic Disney Park. Epcot is probably my favorite, and its certainly the biggest. Hollywood Studios (MGM) would be my choice for the best rides. Animal Kingdom was probably my least favorite, but if you love details and taking time to slowly appreciate and enjoy the surroundings, there is still a lot to enjoyl

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    Thanks to both of you. Your answers will allready be of a big help.

    I just had one question about the time of travelling. Apparently we would be travelling in the hurricane season.
    How will this affect our trip in Florida? Is there a possibility that we won't be able to visit certain areas?

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    Default 11 month weather forecast?

    Well, the Atlantic Hurricane season runs from July into the end of November, so if you are traveling during that time, there is a chance that you'd have to change/adjust your plans.

    However, its not just Florida that can see Hurricanes (the entire east coast of the US can and does see them) but the odds of you seeing one during the exact time you are traveling are pretty small.

    At this point there is no way of knowing what you might see when you are traveling. This year there wasn't a single hurricane that the US mainland, a couple years ago, 4 of them hit Florida alone.

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    Hi welcome to America You might consider driving the Blue Ridge Parkway NP on your way to Florida. Blue Ridge Parkway starts off of US 64 south of Charlottesville, Virginia & runs to the Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina. this is one of the prettiest drives in the eastern part of USA.
    Just google Blue Ridge Parkway & you will get maps & a lot of info about the park
    billy bob
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