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  1. Default Need help planning the esential NY to LA roadtrip


    Im coming to the states with my Girlfriend in June 2010 . Its the last leg of a world tour and we would like to cover as much of the essential states as possible

    We have 2.5 months . We will arrive in LA and depart from NY

    Highlights we would like to include

    San Diego
    San Fran
    Camping in Cali
    Route 66
    New orleans
    Blue Ridge Mountians
    New York

    Is this to much for 2.5 months , could we do more ? Are we missing out on key places in the North ?

    The route pretty much writes itself , but with 2.5 months I want to make sure we visit as much of U.S as possible

    any route suggestions will be gratefully recieved


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    2.5 months is enough time to get a pretty good sampling, and yes, you are missing a lot - probably the most spectacular scenery is in the West - Yellowstone, Yosemite, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, the Colorado Rockies, and all the southern Utah parks.

    Route 66 is pretty much just a memory now - it's mostly been paved over by Interstate highways and the rest is mostly abandoned. However, you can still travel some select historical stretches. It went between LA and Chicago.

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    Default SOooooooo much !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With 2.5 months to explore you can sample many flavors of the US, but you have to decide which suits your tastes the best, how much you want to sample and whether to take a lot of small bites or less, but bigger chunks. [sorry, food on my mind !]

    There are "key places" throughout the US and you would need a lifetime to see everything but with the time you have and wanting to see as much as possible, it would be worth considering doing a complete loop and choose a more Southern route one way and a more Northern route the other.

    I would get a detailed map of the US and study places of interest to you in between the list of places you want to visit already, and use the search button to look around the forums and road trip planning pages for plenty of info. If Natural wonders are your thing as well as the City's I would look at the National parks website as well. California, Utah, Arizona and Colorado offer a large but concentrated area of some of the best there are.

    When you have done a little research and decided where your trip might take you and how you want to spend your time I am sure we can be of more help bringing it all together, but with so many options open to you it needs narrowing down a little. [lot]

    Enjoy the planning !

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    My 1st bit of advise is that brits do not head south in june/july/aug!!!

    I live in Vegas & we ALWAYS head north.

    The places you mention are probably must sees, but after seeing many cities around the USA, the natural beauty of the Oregon & Washington coasts take some beating!

    You could still go from LA to San Diego, even into Mexico, then across to the bright lights (LV) & Zion & Bryce Canyon NP's are not far away, then Salt Lake City, which is near to Wendover (Salt Lake Flats world speed record venue) then back across to San Fran.
    Then up the coast road seeing the most amazing coastal views ever!
    All the way to the Olympic NP in northern WA, maybe even into Canada, BC to Calgary to Winnipeg to Thunder Bay to Montreal or down to Minneapolis to the Great Lakes & Chicago/Detroit/Niagra & up to Maine then back down to NY.

    My suggestion is because we cannot stand the constant summer heat in most southern areas.

    Check out my flickr travel photos for Zion in Utah for Oregon & California coastal shots
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  5. Default 2.5 months is lots of time!

    I did a round trip of the USA in 2006 with my brother. It took us 5.5 weeks, but that was pretty heavy going.

    Went like this:

    San Diego
    San Antonio
    New Orleans
    Space Shuttle (Orlando Area)
    New York City
    Niaggra Falls
    (crossed over into Canada down to Detroit)
    Sioux Falls
    Sheridan (Wyoming)
    Yellowstone National Park
    Astoria (Oregon)
    San Francisco
    Las Vegas
    Hoover Dam
    Grand Canyon
    Monument Valley
    Messa Verde
    Las Vegas

    Graphically, that looks like a big loop around the country, with 2 spikes - 1 up to Memphis to see Graceland, and the other out to Monument Vally/Messa Verde.

    Although the whole trip was brilliant, some key points were Yellowstone, Savannah, NYC, Chicago, San Diego, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley....

    Actually the whole thing was brilliant... I shouldnt be picking favorites...

    Obviously lots of driving (22,500 kilometers)
    Not for the feint hearted.

    Im coming back in July 2010.. and will probably do the exact same trip, but maybe in reverse just to mix itup a bit :)

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    Default Wow!!

    And in all of that you did not even get to Yosemite, Death Valley, Zion or Bryce, to name just a few. Just goes to show, you can never have enough time.

    Lifey who still has a lot to see

  7. Default whoops..

    Forgot to mention.. I did get to Bryce.. Magnificent...

    I'll put Death Valley and Yosemite on this years trip..

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