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    My friend and I are two guys from England, looking to travel from Orlando where we are now to Vancouver over two months. Originally we were going to get the grey hound but this does not seem like the best option, so instead we are going to buy a cheap car and go for it!

    has any one got some good advice on this?
    Any one going to be en-route and wants to share the car?


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    Default a big challenge

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    There are some serious problems with your plan to buy a car - it is very difficult for a foreign resident to purchase/register/insurace a car in the US. Unless you are traveling on a long term visa (like a student visa) it will be almost impossible for you to legally obtain a car for your use. In any case, it will be far more difficult and expensive than just finding a cheap car and hitting the road.

    I will also say that even if you do find a way to buy a car it will not be possible to buy a car in the US and sell it in Canada. At least not without dealing with a ton of paperwork and importation fees.

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    If you are traveling on the visa waiver program or with a tourist visa, you will not be able to title and register a car in the US, and would have a very difficult time finding insurance. You need a physical address here, and a hotel is not good enough - and a US driver's license is almost mandatory. You also will not be able to get rid of a car bought here in Canada. Other than bus, train, or plane, your only viable option is to rent a car - assuming you are at least 21 years old - and it will have to be dropped off in Seattle when you are done, you can't drop it in Canada.

    Sorry, but there is just so much red tape it's not worth it for only 2 months.

    EDIT: What Michael said - he types faster than me!

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