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    Default Introduce Yourself!

    Nice forum - love meeting like minded people.

    Here's a comment: why not introduce a section where new members can introduce themselves?

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    Default It's a cultural thing

    The average new member posts less than five posts -- they get the information they were seeking and leave, never to return and post again. A fairly significant number of those members come back and lurk and read posts, but there's no real point in trying to create a community meeting point if no one is there.

    Once you've made 50+ posts, there is a "RoadTrip Enthusiast" part of the forum, where members do share more information about themselves -- but the primary focus of this forum is providing initial response advice -- sort of like a "first responder" for road trippers.

    We actually are getting to roll out some more features on the RTA site, that will enable RoadTrippers to create more of a localized community to the extent that they wish, but that's not the primary job of this Forum!



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