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    I'm hoping to leave in the next week for a road trip down to LA. The only stops I really want to make along the way is maybe 2 days in Vegas. I'm going by myself so want to take a somewhat safe and easy route. Is it safe to drive through most of the central states (utah, colorado) without snowtires?

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    As long as you have all-season tires and not summer/high performance tires, you should be fine.

    Having said that, it is entirely possible that you will see winter weather. All season's aren't going to perform as well as snow tires, but ultimately, its going to be your own skills and ability to drive in winter weather along with the conditions that will be the most important thing. Be prepared to sit and wait if a significant storm makes it impossible for road crews to keep up with the weather.

    The trip as far as Vegas is about 2300 miles, and you should plan to make at least 3 overnight stops for rest even in good conditions.

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    If the weather in the mountains gets too bad, they will either close the roads or put up the "chains required" signs. If this happens, find an alternate or wait it out.

    Toronto to LV is a 4 day drive. Overnights should be around Chicago, Omaha, and Denver. The greatest possibility of bad weather affecting the Interstates would be on I-70 west of Denver going over the Continental Divide. If you have to, you can take I-25 south out of Denver down to I-40. If you do that, you will have to add half a day, you won't be able to make it from Denver to LV in one day going that way, it adds over 200 miles.

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