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  1. Default WA State arriving in CO end of January

    Hello everyone! A friend of mine who is an avid road tripper told me about this site and said many helpful and wonderful things can be found here. We are gearing up for a move to Colorado @ the end of January,we will be leaving the Tacoma Wa area. Our plans seeing that Snoqualmie Pass can be iffy to say the least at that time of year is to:

    I-5 south then onto I-84, hit I-80 in Utah to Wy then follow I-25 down to Denver. Seeing we have never hit that route, we are usually I-90 fans but hey mix it up right?

    1. I know the road crews keep the roads driveable in the winter months, bad of road terrain are we looking at that way ie..mountain passes, road closures(I-90 can be shut down for hours/days), etc?

    2. Any great sights to take advantage during that time of year along the way, two small kiddos and a cat in tow :)

    3. We have only four days travel time allotted so I want to make the most of this move and see/experience as much as we can.

    All help and tips are greatly appreciated. Gearing up for a grand winter wonderland adventure:)

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    At this point, a good couple of months before departure, you should not be making definitive plans based on weather which you can't predict more than a couple of days in advance. Rather you should just be laying out and examining any options that you might want available for a choice of routes that you should only make a day or two before departure. Then you'll have the luxury of knowing that whatever weather gets thrown at you, you'll likely have already considered the necessary alternative routes. Along those same ideas, you should allow yourself an extra day or two to make the trip just in case none of your options works out and you do have to take a time out from driving for an extended period as the weather passes and the crews clean up after it.

    Four days for the I-90/I-82/I-84/I-70 route allows that extra day. If you have to go all the way down I-5 to I-80 you will use it up in just the extra mileage, with no remaining margin for bad weather. Either way, you're going to have to keep any roadside stops pretty close to the road.


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    I-80 can be shut down in Wyoming too - there's a notorious stretch there that gets high winds, whiteouts, and black ice. You will have to examine road conditions and the weather just prior to departure to plan the best route.

    Generally, all things equal, you should try to take the shortest route - which is I-90/I-82/I-84/I-80/I-25. The I-90/I-25 option is about 50 miles longer and is a very viable option if road conditions dictate. Going down to Portland to get I-84 adds over 100 miles and would not necessarily be a good choice unless there's problems up on Snowqualmie.

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