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  1. Default May 2010 California Road Trip, Highway 1, Carmel, Yosemite

    Hi Guy,

    I have been reading the forums for a little while now and could really do with some help/info/advise for a trip we are planning next May (2 adults)

    We are flying in to LA from the UK on the 19th May and will be spending a few days in LA. Currently our plan is then to head up Highway 1 to Carmel/Monterey and from there head over to Yosemite before finishing off in SFO where we will fly home from.

    A few questions if I may:

    Will I be able to drive from the West Hollywood area of LA to Carmel or Monterey in 1 day, driving up highway 1? The other option I have is that we actually start from Santa Barbara, is this a better option? Is Santa Barbara an ok place to stay overnight?

    Which is a better place to stay Carmel or Monterey? I assume with them being so close we don't need to spend a night in both, my initial plan is to stay just one night, giving say an afternoon and a morning to have a look around.

    I understand the drive from Carmel/Monterey to Yosemite is about 4/5 hours, and we are currently planning on staying at the Tenaya Lodge for 2 nights, giving us 1 full day and a part day. I have read lots about the Tioga Pass Road, is this something we need to take in to account staying where we are?

    The other option is to drive straight from LA to Yosemite (again about 5 hours?) and then after there head over to Carmel/Monterey, is this a better option? I assume whichever route we take there will be plenty of gas stations, and places to stop for a break etc? and that the roads are safe?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think your plan to drive up the Coast from LA, then head over to Yosemite is your best bet. I would however, recommend that you do the option of heading up to Santa Barbara and staying the night enroute, rather than try to do the whole thing from LA in one day. It could be done, but you'd be pretty rushed, on a route that really is best when savored.

    For lodging in Carmel/Monterey, I'd look for the motel that best fits your needs in either city.

    Tioga Pass takes you across the Sierras, but for this trip, you would have no need to drive it - unless you wanted to simply enjoy part of it for the scenic experience. However, since the pass doesn't open for the year until may or june, it is possible that Tioga would still be closed during your trip.

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    Default Glacier point.

    I agree with what Michael has said, but thought I would add that Glacier point opens before Tioga pass and if it's a scenic experience you are after, I have yet to see a better one than Glacier point and could possibly be a better option, even if Tioga is open. There are no guarantees that either will be open but the valley is spectacular and the waterfalls will be flowing, an incredible sight.

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