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  1. Default 2 week trip from San Francisco to Seattle in December

    Hey everyone,

    My wife and I are planning to take a 2 week road trip starting from San Francisco and working are way up through Redwood NP to Oregon (preferably via Portland) and then to Washington ending in Seattle.

    Since we are totally unfamiliar with the region, we would like to hear any recommendations regarding places to drive through, attractions and sightseeing, given that we're planning to do it in December and that we only have about 2 weeks!!! (or maybe it is too much?)

    Please assist!!!

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    Is this 2 weeks to get from SF to Seattle, or for a round trip? Either way, that's plenty of time, because you can easily drive it in 2 days via I-5 unless there's a weather issue over Siskiyou Pass.

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    It's 2 weeks from SF to Seattle (maybe to Vancouver as well) and then we'll catch a plane back to SF.

    and we're planning to take the 101 up north rather than the I5.

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    You can take CA-1 north out of SF till it ends at 101 in Leggett. Highly recommended. You can even take the 101 loop around the Olympic Peninsula. 2 weeks is plenty of time to really take your time on this trip. I only mentioned I-5 to show you that with no sightseeing, you could make the drive in 2 days.

    Note that you won't be able to drop off a car that you rented in SF in Canada, plan on Seattle for that. If you want to take the car across the border and return, make sure you have permission from the rental company.

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