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  1. Default Planning a trip to Vermont, New Hampshire,Massachusets and New York

    Ok here is the deal. I have six days, would be leaving my house in New Jersey on nov 24th in the morning. I want to go straight up visit Boston, and spend the night there. next morning 25th go to NH, Drive around and take pictures, i love the nature, mountains, lakes trees, animals, but would like to see some nice urban places too. take i 93 because i heard its very beautiful, and spend the night at NH. next morning 26th go to VT do the same thing. and next day I want to go to the niagara falls and stay there until its time to go back home, the us side because i dont have a passport. I have a pop up trailer so I am planning to just park it and sleep anywhere, if I can find a place to take a shower awesome, if not.. no problem.. Dont think im dirty or anything, just want to have fun. If you know of some places that i should visit, or some roads that have nice scenery, or anything that can help me planning my trip, please let me know. Thank you!!!!!
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    I have a pop up trailer so I am planning to just park it and sleep anywhere
    You need to think this one out a bit more carefully. You can't just park it "anywhere" and camp - if you do so on private property without permission, that's trespassing - and it's not legal to do it on a public right of way or in a highway rest area. I would research both public and private campgrounds, public ones are generally found in state parks. With permission, you generally may be allowed to park in a truck stop, a good portion of them are "RV-friendly". You can get a shower in most truck stops for about $10, if you do use a truck stop overnight, it would be courteous to give them some business - buy a tank of gas, buy breakfast, buy a shower, etc.

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    Default Do a pit stop in Bennington, VT

    If you're passing through Bennington (either via Hwy 9 west or SR 7 south) in extreme southwest Vermont, be sure to stop at their Battle Monument. You really can't miss it, since it's the tallest structure in the state, haha. If you're into history, you'll dig.

    The trees will have lost all their leaves by the time you get there, but that's to be expected for the duration of your entire trip.

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    Thank you!! Ill have that on mind, and you soved the shower problem..


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