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    Hi guys. Myself and a couple of friends are planning a three week trip across the historic Route 66 taking in Las Vegas and San Francisco before taking the coastal route down to LA. We are planning for August 2012 (plenty of time to save) and could do with some advice on what car to use. We all like the idea of a convertible and renting a Chrysler Sebring is within our budget however, having done a bit of research, it might be a bit cramped in the back (we're all about 6' and one of us is quite well built) and it doesn't seem to have a lot of luggage space. Can anyone suggest any other convertibles that can accomodate three grown men comfortably for a long road trip, decent reliability and not too excessive an engine (3.5 ltr max) for a similar budget. We have also looked at a Dodge Charger if a convertible is a no-go so any feedback on how good they are would be appreciated.


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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Since you are looking to rent a car, you really won't have any choice. You will be given the option of a Chrylser Sebring "or similar" when you go to make your reservation. That means you might get a Sebring, you might get a Mustang, or some other convertible (although those two really make up the vast majority of the rental market.)

    The same will basically be true with a Charger. Unless you are going with a specialty line where you reserve a specific car (and pay a significant premium as well), you really won't find any companies that make promises of a specific model.

    I'm also assuming that you will be over age 25 at the time of this trip? Most rental agencies will not allow people under age 25 to rent drive convertibles - even if they rent standard cars to 21-24 year olds.

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    Cheers for getting back to me. We'll all be 29 years old so insurance won't be a problem. If we do choose to go for a convertible, what is likely to be the worst car we get? Should we play it safe and get the Charger? Additionally, can we exchange a Charger for a convertible in Vegas and do the coastal route that way. Cheers

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    All we can give you is an uneducated guess, based mainly on hearsay or at best past experience with other companies. Your best bet is to go directly to the company you'll be renting from and ask them those questions. They should be able to give you a pretty definitive answer on the swapping of cars (I would guess not without a hefty premium) and what there fleet of convertibles is composed of.


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    I can't think of ANY convertibles in US rental fleets that would be comfortable for three 6 footers. The person in the back seat will be sitting sidesaddle and you won't have room for 3 sets of luggage. You should be looking at a so-called "full size" sedan, example, Chevy Impala, Nissan Altima, or Dodge Charger. The Nissan has a 4 cylinder and the other 2 have V-6's and get quite reasonable fuel economy. If it were just 2 of you, a convertible would fit you.

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    I've also looked into this, as I might go on a roadtrip together with my wife and two adult friends next year. The best option I've found is the Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible, it seems to have ample rear legroom, and also an acceptable trunk. It is also possible to lower half the rear seat, for additional luggage room. I think Alamo, Deluxe Rent-a-Car and possibly also Thrifty offers this car.

    But of course, as the others mentioned, you'll never know what you'll get until you're there... :)

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    Hi there
    My hubby and I had a Sebring last year and although it was fab when the roof was down there was very little room for luggage in the boot and not much room in the back if you have a passenger in there. I hope that helps - saying that though it was a great car!

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    I honestly don't see the three of you and your luggage fitting in ANY convertible. With that amount of luggage - and your heights - I would be looking to pick up an SUV of some sort. If not it's just gonna become a miserable experience.

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