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    Default Carlsbad to Vegas

    We are coming out to California in May and staying in San Diego one night then going over to Carlsbad and staying to nights to go to Legoland and the beach then checking out and driving to Vegas for two nights. I can add an extra night to the trip if needed but can anyone give me ideas on where to start planning a route from Carlsbad to Vegas that will include the best sites to see and be interesting to a 12 year old as well. I know Hoover dam is a must see but what else?

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    Default straightforward

    The most straightforward way to get there would be just to take CA-78 over to I-15 and up right to Vegas. You could possible shave off a couple miles going up I-5 to Santa Ana before cutting over, but I think that's going to make it much more likely that you'll run into traffic. Overall, the trip will likely take you about 5 hours. There are several places you can stop, like Barstow- a classic route 66 town - and Baker, a little oasis with oddities like the world's largest thermometer and alien jerkey.

    The Hoover Dam isn't on this route, not is it really anywhere close to any real direct route, however, its just a short drive from Las Vegas once you get there.

    Some detours you could look at would be to head over to Joshua Tree National Park, or go up to Death Valley, or Through the Mojave National Preseve. However, any of these detours will start to add some rather significant amounts of time to your trip.

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    Default Calico ?

    Without much of a detour from 1 15 near Barstow is Calico ghost town.
    I have not personally been there but it looks fun for 'kids' of all ages.

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