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    Hi Everybody,
    My husband and I would like to visit the great canyon on November 29. We will be travelling from Las Vegas and have only one day. We have never been there before and would like to know what are ‘the must see’ points of it. Also, for the first timers, is it generally recommended to take a bus tour or rent a car (renting a car is much cheaper, however if there is a great risk of getting lost or missing great places we would definitely take a bus tour). Any tips or comments would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The Grand Canyon is a 5+ hour drive - each way - from Las Vegas. Because of that distance, it really is not a trip we recommend to be done in a single day. You end up spending so much time on the road, and are left with at most just a couple of hours at the Canyon - which is a place where even one full day is hard to do it justice. Its even worse at this time of year, because the shortened daylight hours means you have even less time to enjoy things.

    The only way I'd recommend doing this trip in one day is on a plane/helicopter tour. Most of those will go over the west rim -which is not a part of the national park - but still an interesting view.

    Otherwise, I think you'd be much better off considering a different daytrip to one of the other unique areas that are within an easy drive of Vegas. I think you'll enjoy that far more than any trip where you have to get up well before dawn and arrive back well after dark, just for an hour or two of time at the Grand Canyon.

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