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    My husband and I have decided to do a last minute trip to the San Jaun Islands. We are in Sacramento and will be driving. My question is, any suggestions on which island to stay on? I found some good deals on Orcas Island, but San Jaun Islands looks to have more to do. Anyone been there? Suggestions?

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    Default On the way suggestions

    Larrison took a drive from LA to Jasper and some of his places on the way, would be good interim routing ideas for you.

    And I know there are some posts about the San Juans here -- looking now.

    Here's some tips from the Vancouver area.

    And here's the post I remembered from when Larrison was up there -- nice photo too!


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    Thank-you so much for doing the research and providing the information for me. We are leaving Sunday the 15th. Taking 2 days to drive to Washington, 4 days on San Jaun Island, 2 days to return home. We have done lots of Northern Ca. trips. Seattle by train, but have no idea what we are going to do once out of Ca. Anyone have any interesting side trips or must sees?
    I read these forums all the time, there's so many useful and interesting things I have come across here!

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    You may not have much time for any side trips - it's 835 miles from Sacto to Anacortes - better check the ferry schedules!

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    I checked, I guess we will see what we find on the way home. We will have more time if we want to extend our trip a few days.

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