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  1. Default need ideas for a one week road trip from new jersey

    I have one week in late november to go on a road trip. I need ideas! Where should I go? im taking a pop up camper, I love nature and attractions. any ideas?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Unfortantly, the "where should we go" is probably the single toughest question to answer because the answer is so fundamental to the basics of your trip. Nature and "attractions" also doesn't provide much help, as they are such broad topics.

    Considering the time of year, I'd think you might looking at heading towards the mid-atlantic/carolina coast. There you'd probably find the best weather for camping in a pop-up, without having to deal with serious cold weather gear that you could likely need for most other destinations that would be within a week long trip range.

  3. Default New Jersey Gems

    There are a few gems in NJ. Most folks overlook the State Park system which is a real pity. It's sort of like only buying brand miss out on the unique places.

    A few favorites include:
    1. Allaire State Park - where there are lots of relics of days gone past. You probably have to check whether it is open right now. If I remember correctly it has tent and RV sites. If they are closed for the winter, I'm sure you can find places to stay in your pop up - just google.

    2. Highpoint State Park - this one is fun for the nature lover. There is the Cedar Swamp walk, and Iris Trail which hits the Appalachian. Best to stay commerical here, as camping sites are hard to come by. According to the website I use ( there are 23 campgrounds in the 25 mile radius of Sussex, NJ

    3. Island Beach State Park - this is great for warmer times, so wait a little, but worth the visit. On the Jersey Shore, pretty as can be, 9 miles of ocean and sand. Love it.

    Hope you find your way in the Garden State.

    Happy travels :-)

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