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    A big hello from Dubai!
    I know this kind of trip has been posted a lot on the site but I wanted to try and get a better idea of what's worth seeing and doing between SF and Vegas.
    We'll be in SF from the 15th December and are looking to leave around the 17th/18th to arrive in Vegas by the 22nd. Any advice on routes places to stop would be most welcome.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Another thing you should of noticed when looking around is that we regard the road trip as an individual thing and that there are no boring places or must see's. With that in mind we can't tell you what would work best for you, especially as we know nothing of your interests.

    What we can do is to help you "fine tune" your route and offer suggestions once you have decided which options appeal to you. I would get out a map and use the search button to look around the forums to get more idea. Here are some of our favorite threads covering the area.

    Although not a certainty, it is likely that the popular route over Tioga pass [CA120] via Yosemite will be closed and you will have to decide between a Northern or Southern route to get around the Sierra's. The Northern route could take you to South Lake Tahoe and down the 395 through Mammoth lakes, Bishop to Lone pine and across Death valley, the Southern route via the Pacific coast highway or down the Western side of the Sierra's through Sequoia NP. Either of the Southern routes could also incorporate Death valley and Yosemite is my ll time favorite.

    So weather could play a part but once you have outlined a route we can help some more if needed.

  3. Default Initial thoughts

    Hi, sorry for the delay in replying we've been trying to figure out what we would like to see.
    So far we think we would like to head down the SR-1 from San Francisco to Monterey stop for a few hours then continue down to San Simeon to see Hearst Castle and stay the night around there, then if possible head across to Kings Canyon/Sequoia national park via SR-46 then down the SR-198 to see General Sherman and stay the night around here. Then I'm thinking back down the same route and head across to Furnace creek in Death Valley I think this will be a rather long drive so I would like to split it up so any advice on where to stay en route will be appreciated. We'll also stay the night around furnace creek before heading to Vegas.
    We never really been to the US before so would like to drive through the route with small towns avoiding major cities, so any advice on the choice of route and places to stay would be most appreciated.



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    Default Kings canyon.


    To spend some time in Monterey and enjoy the coast road is pretty much a full day with time to enjoy the scenery, but you should be OK if you don't spend too long in Monterey and don't want to do the Hearst castle tour, although it is very popular and strongly recommended by those that have.

    Your next day is too busy but the fact Kings canyon won't be accessible sorts that out, it's possible to visit Sequoia NP but you would have to check on weather and road conditions first for accessibility.

    From Sequoia NP to Furnace creek is doable in a day but you could stop in the Kernville/Lake Isabella area overnight, but you could spend another night on the coast.
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